Euthanasia And Assisted-suicide Should Be Legal

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Some individuals may think that natural death is the best way to go when it comes to the end of their life. The thing is, is that they do not think about what kind of pain and suffering they may go through throughout the passing on process. That is why there is a such thing called euthanasia or assisted suicide. Many people have used this method as a gateway to find peace and end their painful suffering. Others, however, are trying to prevent this kind of method. According to Burke, M. (2020) “physician-assisted suicide is a direct attack on human dignity.” It is believed that assisted suicide makes lives seem as they are “not worth living.” Although some believe that assisted suicide and euthanasia are bad, there are still some good outcomes when doing this process. Believing so, euthanasia and assisted suicide should be made legal because it puts a stop suffering, it is a human right, and it does not harm others.

Euthanasia and Assisted-Suicide Stops Suffering

Physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia both stop suffering for those who are in pain and no longer want to suffer. According to D. Humphry. (2000). “Advanced terminal illness that is causing unbearable suffering to the individual. This is the most common reason to seek an early end.” This hereby sides with the fact that there are people who no longer want to suffer. Physicians have an important duty to help relieve a patient’s suffering. They are the ones who are trusted when it comes to being sick. When in the final moments of a person’s life, the only way a doctor can help them may be to agree with that person’s death wish. Lots of people would put their trust more in their doctor than those who try to prevent them from granting their wish to pass peacefully.

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It is wrong to force an individual to suffer in pain when they no longer want to be in it. Some may think that a person must have a “natural” death, but they do not understand what kind of pain some people go through. Sometimes it gets to a point where pain is unbearable for a person and they have no control over it. For example, with a person who has cancer. Cancer can cause extreme pain, to places like the head, neck, and spine, and can be compared to a non-numbed tooth being drilled into. Another example would be a person with cancer in the spine that has nerves that have pressure and their spine collapsing.. Someone with this type of cancer would feel pain throughout the body. According to the South Australia Voluntary Euthanasia Society (2006), they explain that the pain can be triggered by simple movements such as, coughing, using the bathroom, or turning in bed. Over years that person could lose the ability to move at all. Their life may soon even become total dependence and lose their ability to see and communicate. This person would soon be a prisoner in their own body.

It is a Human Right to Choose How Your Life Ends

It is a human right for a person to choose whether they want to be euthanized. T. A. Bowden states, “What if a dread disease, or some other calamity, drains all joys from life, leaving only misery or suffering? The right to life includes and implies the right to commit suicide”. Each person has the choice to decide the time that they die, mainly because life is theirs. No one wants to have a painful, full of misery death, everyone has the desire to die peacefully. So, when it comes to an individual choses to pass on, they should be granted that wish. It is not a crime for a person to be granted the assistance in a suicide because it is their human right to do so.

It is wrong to not let a person, choose whether they want to live, or die is invading their human rights. D. Humphry states, “Today many terminally ill people take the marvelous benefits of home hospice programs and still accelerate the end when suffering becomes too much.” Some people take the chance to see if home hospice is the right thing for them, just to find out later it is not. Some that work in the hospice pathway consider the caring of their patients as perfect and have no need for the use if euthanasia. The thing the leaders do not know is that not all medication can help with extreme pain. The quality of life is very important to some individuals and to have that tampered with is unfair to the human right. If an person’s body is ruined by a disease that is no longer worth to live, the individual has the human right to decide whether to be euthanized to a peaceful sleep or not.

The Process Harms No One

The process of being euthanized or assisted in suicide does not harm others. Some would think that a chemical that is being inserted into the body for the purpose of death would be a very painful process physically and mentally. According to F. J. Girsh, “With a terminally ill person, if physician-assisted suicide dying were legal, the family could be present, good-byes could be said, and the death could be, as some family members who have openly participated describe it, a “wonderful” experience.” This brings peace to everyone without any regrets of what is happening and no harm to either party.

To prevent someone from doing what they wish and what they think is best is wrong. It does not matter if you think that it would cause them harm. No one ever wants to suffer, especially if they are in excruciating pain. A patient can be given a dose of a sleeping drug by mouth, the dose is so high that this will go through the respiratory system and soon the breathing will stop and eventually patient will soon pass on. This is called physician assisted suicide, not euthanasia. In euthanasia an injection of a local anesthetic is given followed by a coma inducing drug. The person then falls into a coma, and then are given an injection that paralyzes all their muscles including the muscles used to breathe, so the breathing stops and the person dies not long after and falls into a deep sleep. There is absolutely nothing harmful happening to want to prevent this process.

In conclusion, euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide should be legalized. There are too many individuals in the world who are go through such painful suffering. They should be given the option to choose what they want for their lives. If they want to end their suffering, they should be able to, they should not be held back. Overall, euthanasia and assisted suicide should be legal because it is the human right, causes no harm, and it prevents suffering. No one deserves to have their life controlled by others, other than them self.


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