Essays on Extinction

Reasons To Employ De-Extinction

This essay seeks to show the reasons why de-extinction should be employed to tackle some of the loss of species and changing habitats through climate change through the ability to research the newly reintroduced species in a real way. The essay seeks to show how different aspects of the subject of de-extinction has contributed to...
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The Extinction of the Giant Deer: Case Study

The Irish elk, Megaloceros giganteus, is undoubtedly one of the most legendary creatures of prehistory. Its name is particularly misleading, considering it is neither exclusively Irish nor an elk, but rather an extinct deer species that ranged from Ireland to Siberia primarily in the Pleistocene epoch. M. giganteus is a frequent subject of scientific study;...
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Animal Extinction: Essence And Human-induced Causes

In the year of 2017 ,there have been more incidents of poaching in South Africa (Poaching) than murders in the state of Illinois (Numbers), which has a major city, Chicago, infamous for its crime rate. Humanity deems it evil to murder other human beings, but is fine with murdering other animals for food and accessories...
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