Essays on Fairy Tale

The Effects Of Fairy-Tales On Children's Psychology

In today’s vain society, is it not refreshing to listen to tales of heroes that confront all adversities with courage, treat all people with kindness? Heroes who don’t give up and receive the rewards they deserve? Some might disagree, but the truth is that such optimism is a necessity in life. (Bettleheim, 1989) states that...
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Fairy Tales And Gender Role

Introduction Introducing fairy tales to children at a young age has been a strategy used by many adults as a means to inform, educate, and/or entertain them. Fairy tales contain themes, symbols, and messages that are deeply layered in our perception of society, sexuality, and gender roles. Children at this developmental stage are perceived as...
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Semiotic Analysis: Classic Fairy-tales Versus Shrek

In this essay, I will be rhetorically analysing the DreamWorks animation Shrek (2001) to show how it challenges the classical telling of a fairy-tale. The film represented a major turning point in the representation of fairy-tales; in fact, it opposes to the classical story of the damsel in distress saved by a prince, that of...

Traditional Fairytale Elements in Shrek

Once upon a time an Ogre left his swamp to go save the princess. Oh wait, aren’t Ogre’s supposed to kill princesses? So, why didn’t the actual prince save the princess? Well, in the movie Shrek 2, DIRECTED BY, it was a total reversal of the traditional fairy tale elements. Although one’s first impressions may...
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