Essays on Fallacies

Use Of Fallacies In The Articles

From a philosophical point of view, it is on record that fallacies are mistaken and misleading beliefs that are anchored on unsound arguments. To this extent, fallacies are derivatives of the type of reasoning that is incorrect logically and as such, the validity of such arguments becomes highly compromised. The effect of fallacies is that...
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Five Fatal Fallacies Which Affect Students At University

Thesis Statement: In this article, Anderson describes a number of in his opinion fallacies which affect students at University and possible solutions to overcome the problems caused by the fallacies. Main Points: Throughout this article the author talks about fallacies which Anderson describes as “A fallacy simply means a logical mistake, a wrong way of...
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Informal Fallacies And Cognitive Biases

To use a simple analogy, informal fallacies and cognitive biases are two sides of the same coin-one side that is faulty verbal or written reasoning and other represents faulty reasoning. Informal fallacies describe the argument and enhance the persuasiveness of the rhetoric, the relevance, or clarity of the content, and the purpose or goal of...
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