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In the history of great men that have lived, Winston Churchill’s name can never be forgotten even in the years to come for his contributions in many areas especially the First World War. He served as the first Sea Lord who added to the Royal Navy, a politician, prime minister, and writer. He was known also to be married to Clementine Hozier in 1908 who like him wrote her name in the sands of time as she not only married the great soldier but took active part in the First World War as she was appointed the Commander of the Order of Empire amongst others.

Although they both lived busy lives from their demanding jobs of adding to the world they lived in, Clementine and Winston tried to make out time for their family. Together, they had five children.

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Who Were Winston and Clementine Churchill Children?

From the marriage of Winston and Clementine Churchill, the couple had five children

1. Diana Spencer-Churchill

Diana was the oldest of the Churchill’s and born on 11 July 1909 as. She went to the Notting Hill High School and later proceeded to the Royal Academy of Arts. In 1932, she became the wife of John Milner Bailey but the marriage ended in divorce. Diana married for the second time to but like the first, it failed. Diana had three children from her second marriage to Duncan Sandys.

As to her career, she participated in the Second World War as an officer in the Women’s Royal Naval Service. In 1962, she took to working with an organization with the aim of preventing suicide.

2. Randolph Churchill

Like his father, he achieved quite a lot ranging from being an officer in the World War II to being a politician, journalist, and writer who among his works wrote his father’s biography. Born in 1911, he became the only son and second born of Winston. He went to the Sandroyed School in Wiltshire and later became part of Eton College as a student.

As to marriage, Randolph had two marriages with Pamela Digby whom a divorced in 1946 following their marriage in 1939; and June Osborne whom he married in 1948. He had two children – Winston and Arabella Churchill.

3. Sarah Churchill

She was born on October 7 1914 as the third daughter of Winston and Clementine. She was named after the Duchess of Marlborough, Sarah Churchill. She had her education at the Notting Hill High School and North Foreland Lodge.

Sarah served at the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) during the Second World War. She also had an acting career where she appeared in several films which include Royal Wedding (1951) and Serious Charge (1959) among others. Sarah was married 3 times to Vic Oliver whom she divorced in 1945, Anthony Beauchamp who died in 1975 as well as Thomas Percy Henry Touches Jessen who also died in 1963 a year after their marriage.

4. Marigold Churchill

She was born on November 15, 1918. Due to Winston and Clementine’s busy schedule during the First World War, they were forced to live their children in the care of nanny even while she was still a toddler.

5. Mary Churchill

Mary lived making services like the other Churchill’s. She was born in 1922 on September 15, as the last child of Winston and Clementine. She obtained her education at the Manor House after which she joined the Red Cross and the Women’s Voluntary Service before proceeding to the Auxiliary Territorial Service. She served in many other public organisations. Also, she wrote the biography of her mother in 1979 as well as a book of letters between her parents. She married in Christopher Soames, a politician in 1947.

When did the Churchill’s die?

The family had their resting at different times.

For Winston Churchill, he died on January 24, 1965 at the age of 90 after suffering from stroke

Clementine Churchill in London died on 12 December 1977 at the age of 92. She is lived longer that all the Churchill’s.

Diana Churchill died of overdose which was later rumoured to be intentional. She died in 1963.

Randolph like his mother died of heart attack in his in 1968 in his home.

Sarah Spencer-Churchill died at the age 67 on September 24, 1982.

Marigold Churchill died of Septicemia at the age of 2 in 1921.

Mary Churchill is the only daughter of Winston and Clementine who lived as long as her parents. She died at the age of 91 in 2014.

All the members of the family Churchill were buried in St. Martins Church, Bladon except for Marigold who was buried at the Kensal Green Cemetary.


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