Fantastic: The Educational Effect Of Sci-fi

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Some say that sci-fi is not worthwhile and it doesn’t teach or develop young students, however one of the most important purposes of science fiction is to imagine what our future will look like if we maintain our present behaviour. This is important, as it encourages a deep reflection in society, the future and reality.

Sci-fi is terrible to read and misleading, teaching kids fake and unrealistic theories and them believing it’s real, but to watch and read science fiction we need to have an imagination and creativity. A new study claims that people who read a lot of sci-fi novels tend to have stronger social skills, than those who don’t. reading and watching movies exercises and develops the brain involves with empathy, imagination and creativity. The last two texts we studied in class were fiction novels/movies. With sci-fi movies they are fiction which means they aren’t real, you need an imagination and creative imagination to think and picture what’s happening, to make it believable.

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Thinking about our future is really important and could have an impact on us, however in the hunger games film, the government contradicted what everyone did such as kids killing each other, In order to keep its stranglehold over the other districts. Science fiction can teach us that we may need to protect the society in the future from what previously could have not been predicted. Science fiction gives us a little look into what our future might possibly look like and gives us ideas for what we need to do to save and protect our future and our world.

Science fiction may itself be our next reality. We are well into the faze where we need to think about social media. Social media has a dark side, society believe most things that are put online. We all know we’re are super attached and can’t last long without a phone, so we rely on it way more then we should. Society tells us that being constantly connected is not necessary and beneficial. But when you are constantly on you start to believe things that you see. If this becomes our future, we are never going to know what’s real and what’s fake.

In the end, science fiction is teaching us about what our future as a community and a globally could not have seen coming. It makes us think creatively and effectively, looking at the dangers such as social media, but also the effect it has on children and people around us.


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