Essays on Fate

Controlling Fate Through Acts In Bad Conscience

In the tragedy Macbeth, playwright William Shakespeare uses Macbeth’s cruel actions, forced upon him by witches and his wife, as well as harsh punishments to demonstrate how the wellness of a deed affects fate. When Macbeth murdered King Duncan, it was unequivocally confirmed that he no longer possessed any sense of honorable conscience that he...
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Fate Versus Destiny In Romeo And Juliet

As a human every person makes choices and their decisions always have a result of the effect. Individual choice determines or leads to their fate which is inevitable and will happen regardless of the choices made. In the play Romeo and Juliet, this applies and fate plays a major role in Romeo and Juliet’s life....
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The Theme Of Fate In Aeneid

Every human is scared of death, fate, and destiny, and every human wants to avoid them. While many people believe in life after death, most people choose to keep away from the topic because of fear of the unknown. However, when people decided to discuss what they think about the fact that life is not...
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