Essays on Federal Government

Critical Analysis of Presidential Power

As with power comes great responsibilities. Although the president’s power has changed throughout the years, the power of the office of the presidency today has increased to a great extent through different acts such as The Wars Powers Act, The International Emergency Economic Powers Act, as well as an abuse of executive orders. As powers...
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Kenya: Sovereignty, Legitimacy And Bureaucracy

My country of choice is Kenya. Kenya is a country in East Africa and is bonded to an Indian Ocean coastline. The country has a population of about 52.2 million and the country is ranked as 27th most populous country. The country capital is Nairobi city, the country is bordered by Ethiopia on the north,...
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Climate Policymaking In The US On Local, State And Federal Level

In the last decade, the need for developing climate action strategy has become increasingly apparent for coastal regions. Rising sea levels and increasing temperatures threaten residents, ecosystems, infrastructure, and even tourism revenue. With nearly 195 miles of coastline, Boston appears extremely vulnerable to complications related to climate change. Policymakers at all levels are beginning to...
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Covid-19 Pandemic And The Issue Of Environmental Deregulation

One day after the CARES Act passed, the 26th of March, the Environmental Protection Agency (from now on referred to as the EPA) suspended its enforcement of environmental laws. This means that during the state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic companies will not face any sanction for polluting (Oliver Milman, 2020). The details...
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The Role Of The Bureaucracy: Advantages And Disadvantages

This essay examines the role of the Bureaucracy and attempts to determine whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of its power over Assemblies and Executives. To fully examine this relationship we must first have a clear definition of the Bureaucracy. Broken down, it can be accepted as “administrative staff with organized careers and pensions, appointed...
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Muslim Discrimination In American Government And Politics

Introduction America is home to hundreds of different religions. The third most practiced religious affiliation is Islam; Muslims make up 1.1% of the American population (Mohamed, par. 2). However, a study by Lifeway Research, a research institution focused on religion, found that only 47% of the 3.45 million Muslim-Americans believe that America is a welcoming...
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Definition And Concept Of Bureaucracy

“Bureaucracy is like the icy surface that glazes over a frigid ocean. Small cracks can provide enough headway for a ship to pass. When you sit still, you risk getting stuck. But if you gradually break up the ice as you go, you can keep moving forward. Rather than surrender to bureaucracy, take it upon...
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