Essays on Federalism

The Concept And The Definition Of Federalism

The Concept of Federalism: Federalism according to the different periods of law and system are evidenced according to the different circumstances through which an ancient historical background has passed, according to some sources. Federalism dates back to 3200 years BC in the era of ancient Israel and then the ancient Iranian material state (Fenna, 2007,...
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Benefits And Disadvantages Of Federalism

Federalism deals with the idea of separation of power between the national (central) government and the government of individual states. Federalism explains and elaborates on the relationship between the national and states government, and other interstate relations. Like any other form of government, federalism also has pros and cons. Benefits of federalism: In federalism, a...
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Federalism In The Philippines

As recently as January 22 of this year, President Rodrigo Duterte is still adamant of his plea to change the unitary form of government to a federal approach (PhilStar 2019). Due to this, it is a must to go in depth about the definition of federalism, its connotations in our country’s current political-economic state, and...
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