Essays on Fintech

The Introduction Of Fintech: The Issues Of Cyber Security

Traditional financial institutions are currently transforming into a new era of innovation, while introducing technology into the field of financial services (Fintech). Fintech has been growing rapidly since Paypal was first recognized. It brings a bunch of benefits for startups as well as organizations. According to the president of Pintech, A Chinese fintech startup, Zhou...
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The Impact Of Fintech On Financial Markets

Fintech plays a major role in the financial markets of today and heavily influences the importance of the financial markets in the economy and society. The definition of Fintech is technology that enables financial solutions and is commonly seen as the relationship between information technology and financial services (Arner, Barberis, Buckley, 2015). Financial markets are...
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The Introduction Of Fintech: Opportunities And Risks

Fintech can be considered as an introduction of tools of digitalization in business for pro-vision companies with qualitative service, lower costs and prosperity. These tools can be applied in different areas of business, like payments, banking, investment, insurance, wealth, security, currency and Forex, lending and funding (including crowdfunding). It has changed the way people make...
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