Essays on First Amendment

The Decline Of The First Amendment: Freedom Of Speech

In the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, every American citizen is guaranteed the basic freedoms of religion, assembly, petition, press, and speech, but are we really? Over the years, our freedom of speech has slowly begun to disappear. In “The Decline of American Press Freedom,” Anne Applebaum, a journalist for the Washington Post...
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First Amendment: America Versus Germany

This amendment is by far the biggest reason’s tens of thousands of people flock to America each year. Let’s discuss America’s First Amendment which is part are the United States Constitution and what this amendment encompasses. this amendment gives us the freedom to choose and display and practice whichever religion we so choose without prejudiced....
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First Amendment: A Symbol Of Civilized Nation

The 1st amendment is crucial to keeping a civilized nation as well as it keeps our government from completely falling apart. This amendment protects a person’s freedom of speech, religion, press, and assembly. The first amendment is one of the most controversial amendments in the United States, mainly because the huge question of what is...
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