Essays on First Day of School

School Experience: My Childhood Wounds

In primary school, I knew everyone in my class, even if I wasn’t friends with them. But at high school, I looked around my class and only recognised a few faces. I knew I would have to make some new friends. But ‘however’ I was shy, and I hated putting myself out there. So I...
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My First Day At Summer School

It was 6:00 o’clock, “beep beep beep” turns off the alarm clock wakes up. It was a very cold, dark day. And it was the first day of summer school I was so scared and happy! Since I knew one of my friends are going but she went on vacation for a week so that...
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Diary Entry For First Day Of College Experience

Dear Diary, It has been a while since I wrote on you. I have been really busy lately with college and stuff. It’s my first college experience and its honesty stressing me out. The assignments and things are really new to me. But, I also had a wonderful experience which I want to share with...
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