First Impression Report Of Lions Sightfirst Eye Hospital

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First Impression Report Of Lions Sightfirt Eye Hospital


The organization in which I choose to conduct my community service assignment for was at the local Lion’s Eye Hospital, located in Loresho Westlands District, Nairobi whose main motivation is to achieve greatness Kenya’s health care services, rehabilitation, sight enhancement services, and most importantly their center of attention are on the people in the society who are financially disadvantaged in both the rural and urban areas by expanding their services to them through community outreach programs. Their mission being to do away with preventable and treatable blindness by presenting equitable, efficient and comprehensive patient care, sight enhancement and rehabilitation services including related selected specialized services. The hospital has a variety of services to offer to the community from outpatient services, consulting rooms for the walk-in patients, a reception for any inquiries while in the hospital, 2 fully operating theaters, 2 minor theaters, a male and female general ward which can accommodate up to 66 patients at a time and you can’t forget the staff who make sure they cater and ensure that every patient has a pleasant experience while in the hospital.

Since the establishment of the organization in 1997, the Lion’s Eye Hospital has managed to accomplish a number of successes as well as give back to the community. A few of them being; having been of service to over 2 million people, 70% of the services being given free of charge to the patients, getting over 3500 donor corneas and having over 1500 transplants from the donor corneas to the needy patients. Thirdly, conducting eye screening camps, as well as conducting multiple free sight cataract restoration. The hospital in general has managed to assist the community the best ways it can with their excellent service they offer.

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My emotions/feelings

Generally, these few weeks of attending community service, has been engaging, entertaining, and enriching. Initially, I had mixed feelings and emotions when I picked to volunteer at lions eye hospital mainly because it was a first for me as an individual to volunteer at a hospital unlike in other occasions where I have volunteered in orphanages or working with children. I really didn’t know what to expect, how I was going to deal with different groups of people along with their health complications and most importantly what it is that was expected of me considering I was volunteering in a hospital setting , which was not exactly what I was accustomed to. Nevertheless, I was somewhat excited as well as wanting to be more knowledgeable about the community and their needs, but most importantly being able to have and different outlook on life.

All in all, these experiences so far have forced me to step outside my comfort zone but also have a different outlook in general, especially with the community around me and most importantly have pushed me to interact with individuals I wouldn’t have otherwise. My main driving force as I volunteer in the hospital is firstly; to increase general life satisfaction which helps in feeling good about self because I have helped and served others within the community, secondly by volunteering it has helped me in engaging and interacting with a number of individuals from different parts of the community, which has let me see things from different standpoints which i would not normally do otherwise. Thirdly, wanting to serve and give back to as many people as I can but also try to ensure that anyone who comes to the hospital for whatever treatment I can try as an individual to slightly make their time in hospital pleasant and from seeking treatment, they can gain full recuperation of their health. However, I really would like to pick up skills that would be applicable in the real word and I can adapt those skills be it school, at home or even in whatever career path I choose so long as I make a positive impact or I as a person I’m able to help where I can or whatever it is I’m doing.

So far working at the hospital has been interesting and I have managed to acquire little bits of knowledge each time I volunteer. My first day, I was placed at the eye bank center, where the hospital works on transplants as well as the visual aspects of one’s health. At first I was a bit hesitant about being placed there by the supervisor but I told myself it was going to be a challenge but I had to accept it. Why is it you think I was hesitant to be placed there was because, first I really had no idea what it is I was supposed to expect whether they’d be people shaving severe or mild visual impairments, but my main concern was if I had it in me to attend the patients to the required standards or would I have been weak about it. Surprisingly it wasn’t the case and was quite the opposite up to date I have enjoyed and learnt a lot from working in the hospital eye bank service center although it does have its dull moments. But for instance I have been able to understand how to read visual acuity which is referred to as the clarity of vision of a patient which has been really nice because I get to interact with them as well as the staff by training me sufficiently on how to do the task. Secondly, I learnt how to organize files and to be quite honest I really didn’t think I was capable of figuring that part out mainly because I’m really bad when it comes to organization skills as well as numbers but so far I’m able to see that I can do it and most times it just requires you to alter your attitude slightly in order for you to learn and adapt to your surroundings. From this I’m a glad because even with the little training I have gone through and interactions has somewhat opened my mind a little bit and pulled me out and really see how things are. Although it hasn’t been all glitter, especially when you’re dealing or treating a patient. As I mentioned before this was my biggest fear when I decided to volunteer at the hospital because some patients come from far who aren’t economically stable and sometimes have really server health complications which makes it hard for me to hear as well as see because the much I can do is try and make the patient feel relaxed and have a smooth transition while at the hospital and just try hard to make them as comfortable as possible. But for me this is still something I really have to gradually learn because I sometimes really don’t know how to react especially when severe cases are handed my way, but they say Rome wasn’t built in a day so I’m sure it will take time but I’m definitely open to learn and develop a more nurturing nature. But just by the fact that this patients know that each time they go to get a service from the hospital and the people within the hospital only ensure that they give the best of the best to the community, it then gives them a sense of pride as well as joy because it’s a win for both because the staff is able to serve and the community benefits from them. But as for me all I can say is that I’m glad such an opportunity has presented itself and that volunteering at the local lion’s eye hospital helped me grasp and understand how lucky I am to have full health.

SWOT Analysis

The organization has very strong core values and mission statements. The working staff within the organization strives towards abiding and following along with the dictated core values and mission statement. For instance, the hospital mission is “To eliminate preventable and treatable blindness by offering equitable, efficient and comprehensive patient care, sight enhancement and rehabilitation services including related selected specialized services. Therefore, the organization is able to give to the community exactly what they are offering and nothing lesser. While for their core values, “integral, compassion, accountability and professionalism.” The staff in the organization ensures that the people that come to seek services from the hospital are well catered for and attend to their every need to the best of their abilities. For example, is that the staff is committed to the highest ethical standard code, staffs are always empathetic and show sensitivity to the patients and their families. Just by the fact the staff is giving the patient a warm welcome and making sure they are attended to their every needs then makes it an organization where people want to go back to again because of the kind staff members. The lion’s eye SightFirst hospital is globally famed for its self- reliant model of compassionate eye care. Not only has the hospital changed multiple lives in Kenya but also up till now the hospital has managed to carry out over 4,000 outreach camps, 2 million patients examined, and 86,325 free sight restoration cataract surgeries performed. As an organization they have grown, and are now able to serve a large group of the community by simply reaching out to those who need the help and by providing multiple care services to them they have made great positive changes to these individuals.

However, like any other organizations they do have their weaknesses. Currently, at the lions eye hospital, there seems to be recent marginal increase in costing that have not been communicated to the patients creating confusion and lack of treatment for those who can’t afford. As an organization that deals with that offers services at minimal charges any major changes should be gradual and communicated in advance so that old lady from upcountry does not come and get stranded in Nairobi with no treatment. Likewise the Medical teams should be more sensitive and offer clear explanations to the patients as they deal with all walks of life some whom are not conversant with English or Kiswahili this they need to have different ethnic staff to translate the same. To increase the efficiency and turn- around time of the patients who visit the hospital, most of whom have to travel back long-distance the patients processes starting with registration, consultation with the Doctors, payment of the services to the final dispensing of the medicine should be streamlined so that the patients and their caregivers don’t tire out due to lengthy processes.

From my point of view, I feel as though a lot of improvement can be made for the growth of the hospital regionally and internationally. There would be a few ways to enable growth of the organization such as; firstly, Expansion; along the line could be necessary; this doesn’t only apply to meeting the needs of the patients within the community but also being able to fulfill some of the doctor’s visions as well as the different clinics within the hospital in order to expand the organization both regionally and internationally. It is known that there is a need globally for patient eye care therefore the hospital should form alliances with people or companies which would help in stronger brand recognition.

Even though the lion’s eye hospital has made a name for itself, they have to try and remain competitive within the market in order for them to keep the hospital running. Most importantly is sticking to their mission and vision, by abiding with them then they can still remain actively involved in their community. To remain relevant in the Industry they should conduct more outreach camps, make donations and screening camps within their community thus they won’t have to lose their place in providing medical services because they’ll have an upper hand compared to their competitors. Customer service will also be a determinant of whether the organization strives or not. If the hospital works towards training their staff regularly on how to deal with their patients then they won’t have the worry about losing patients. Lastly but most important is their quality. This means how affairs within the hospital are conducted and whether they meet the patients or peoples standards. Therefore the hospital should ensure they differentiate their product from their competitors. For example by providing better quality services from infrastructure, expertise, and organization as a whole.

What it is I except to do for the hospital?

By the end of my volunteering time in Lion’s eye hospital, I wish as an individual to accomplish a few important things that I can carry and apply in my daily life from the period I have served at the hospital but most importantly to have a made effort and try to make a change or impact whether small or big within the institution. The main thing I would like to do within the organization is to become directly involved with the community this includes both the working staff as well as the patients who visit the hospital. I not only want to be of help in terms of volunteering but to also be an active individual in whatever goes on within the organization. This means engaging and participating in small or big tasks handed to me that I normally would not partake in or be part of, but most importantly is I want to make sure that I give my all in whatever I do because by the end of this experience I will have learnt a lot as well as have gained some life satisfaction. By interacting with everyone I come across within the hospital I can then be able to see exactly what people are going through on a day to day basis, and how as an individual whether in a small or big way I can assist within the organization to make the people who come for services have a pleasant and easy time while awaiting treatment.

Secondly, I would also like to take up some of the responsibilities that I can from within the organization. For instance helping out those who have difficulties getting from one point to another to even just guiding the patients on the hospital procedures when necessary. I would also love to put all my efforts in whichever department I’m posted at, as well as put to practice some skills I have acquired over the years that might be of help to one or more people. I most importantly hope I can create awareness and try educate groups of people big or small that not everyone is living their best lives because of various reasons and that we as young people should never take for granted what we have and we should as a society be aware of what the community needs and remember to educate others where possible.

In conclusion, by the time I have completed my time as a volunteer at the lion’s eye hospital I hope to see myself as changed person for the better especially for my community but also to have grown as an individual from the experience. I would also love to take initiative and be one of the people who take a step forward by taking responsibility and being aware of what goes on around my community and take an active role in trying to assist and educate others where possible and encouraging others to participate where necessary, because charity does begin at home. 


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