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Hygiene is very important and basic topic in our daily life. Sometimes we ignore hygiene that leads high diseases rate and food spoilage. Food is contaminated by many harmful and unwanted substances that lead spoilage and diseases. So, safety of foods from contaminants and unwanted substances, microorganisms and insects is called food preservation or food hygiene. In this article I will discuss about food hygiene, how to preserve food, tips for food hygiene, chemicals for food preservation and at the end I will discuss about some important preservation methods. This article will focus only on the food hygiene instead of other health hygiene.

Food Hygiene:

Actually food hygiene is safety of food from contamination and process of preservation is called food hygiene. It is most important for healthy food and to preserve food for long time. It is essential at household level as well as it should also use at industrial level.

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Tips to for food hygiene:

  1. Hand Washing: As we know that we use hands from processing to consuming. And these hands are used in several other works. Some microorganisms attaches with the skin of hand. These microorganisms may harmful for body. So, washing hands is first initiative step of hygiene.
  2. Washing Food: It is another method. We should always use food after washing. As we now that many pesticides and herbicides are used during production. These are chemicals and some are poisons. These are harmful for human beings. Washing of food before processing may prevent from these harmful chemicals.
  3. Food Handling: Improper food handling is also another important problem in our kitchen. Many peoples use same knife for cutting meat and vegetables. They don’t wash chopper after using. We should wash chopper and use different knifes for different works. We should not use same knife for blood and vegetables. We should use different knifes for vegetables and fruits, because some vegetables gives irritant smell that may affect fruits.
  4. Storage of food: After processing there is a process of storage. It is most important and critical phase, because we store food in open air to prevent from insects, file microorganisms and autolysis may damage quality of food. So, food storage for long term is very important. There are many methods to store food. Many instruments used for this purposes. Refrigerator is an instrument used for food storage at low temperature. Heating is also another method to store food. Some chemicals are also used as preservatives.
  5. Proper washing and sanitation system: As we know that there are many water borne diseases that spread due to the poor sanitation system. Water flow should be fluent and doesn’t stop. Good washer and gloves should be used during washing of dishes. It may prevent from different diseases. And it gives fresh and pleasant environment in kitchen.
  6. Prevention from insects and rats: It is most important to protect food from rats and insects. We should always use plastic adhesive covers before storage. We can also use different close boxes for storage. We should use different insect killers and rat killer sprays to prevent from insects and rats. Always remember don’t use these killer sprays during processing.
  7. Don’t use additives without permission: Yes, it is important thing to understand. We should not to become a foolish chef. And we should not use additives without permissions or recommendation. These additives may damage quality of food that will lead food poisoning. Always add additives slowly and in measuring quantity. Minimum changes in food components cause food spoilage. And food becomes not for eat.
  8. Use Trash for extra: Always use trash for extra and waste products. This basket should be clean on daily basis.
  9. Milk products: We should use milk products and milk as soon as possible, because milk products damage in minimum time. Pasteurization is a process that is used to store milk. It is heating of milk at high temperature for minimum time.
  10. We should check expiry date of market products before usage. Expire products may cause food poisoning on usage. And we should use teen products within three days after opening.


At the end in the light of above discussion we can say that food hygiene is very important for good and healthy food.


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