Frankenstein: Book Versus Movie Review

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The novel Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley, Mary Shelley was born in August 30 1797, her father William Godwin famous journalist and still is from this day. Her mother Mary Wollstonecraft was the famous defender of women’s right and she passed away the day after Marry was born. Mary was 16 when she eloped with her lover Percy Bysshe Shelley and they got married, the couple had 3 children and 2 died. Marry had a dream after the death of her first child that she brought her baby back. Her husband died on the 8th of July 1822 from drowning. The film Frankenstein was directed by Kevin Connor released in 2004.

Victor Frankenstein was born in wealthy family in Geneva, he grow up in a safe environment surrounded by a loving family and good friends. Before he leaves university in German his mother died from a fever. At the university he develops a secret technique to imbue non-living bodies with life with electricity. Frankenstein created the monster from random different parts of non-living body parts, he would go dig up the dead and take parts of the body. Frankenstein abended the monster because he seen him as a demon, an abomination, murderous and a hideous monster.

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The language features and conventions the director uses to portray the idea that the monsters behaviour is a result of society because the society did not except him because he was different and he would hind in a shed from the community, some would spit on him, throw rocks and call him names. The society gave him hate and he did not know what he did, in the film he cried out to God and said “what have l done to deserve this?!” the monsters behaver changed a lot he started to hate himself because of all the hate the society gives, he didn’t see his worth in that community so that why he locked himself away from everyone in a shed and he would only come out at night because no one would be able to see him. Throughout the film monster seen a little girl by the pond watching the ducks, he approached the girls and stood next to her and she didn’t seem scared. The little girl took him inside the house to her grandfather sitting on a chair playing the violin, the old man offered him a seat and told the girl to fetch monster some cheese. Monster started crying because no one has ever been nice to him. All he wanted was people to understand the nature if his kind. He displayed kindness, caring and trust

The director of the film made the setting very gothic because half of the scenes had a lot of darkness lighting. The film has different settings such as dark forest, old castles, mansions, stormy weather and the area the monster was in was far away from civilization. The lighting and costumes what were in the film where very dark for the monster everything that was on him was black, black coat. Black pants and black shoe and black hair with a very pale face, the lighting was not bright it was in-between medium-dark it got dark every time the monster was shown. The Camera shots and angles that were used where eye level shot where the camera points straight ahead to the characters or the scene, there was lot of close up, deep focus high angle and establishing shots throughout the film.

The words that were used to describe the monster where very ruthless and brutal, the called the monster a freak, hideous, murderous and a persecutor this effected the audience because we felt sympathy for him because no one would accept him for who is and the characters didn’t see good in him, but this changed after he started killing victors loved ones.


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