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According to NBC News “The total amount of student loan debt is $1.47 trillion as of the end of 2018.” Student debt increases inequality and makes it tougher for low-income graduates, significantly those of color, to buy a car, open a business, and begin a family. College tuition should be free for all students within the U.S. due to the actual fact that a lot of jobs these days are knowledge based and require advanced skills, furthermore making college tuition free would allow for a decrease in the unemployment rate and a growth within the economy. Higher education should be accessible to all or any students, not simply those with the means to pay for it.

Many jobs these days starting from an engineer to simply a clerk require advanced technical skills. Making college free would allow for everyone, despite career interests, to learn all the necessary skills to succeed and thrive in the workplace. College graduates would now have the ability to have more advanced jobs and succeed in the advancement of technology. Times are changing and we must keep up.

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Allowing College tuition to be free would decrease unemployment rates because those who cannot afford to go to college would be able to enroll. They would succeed and pass classes and acquire a job that suits them. More people would obtain jobs if they were qualified for them. Since those that cannot afford college are not qualified they would most likely be unemployed. More and more people would enroll and not have to worry about where they are going to get there money to pay for the next semester of college.

Free college tuition permits for a growth in economy because in the event that college students did not have to pay off their college loans then they would have the ability to contribute more money to the economy. Since more people would have jobs, more money would be made and more taxes would be given to the government. Additionally, it would cut back the overall amount of student debt within the U.S.

Although some may argue that free college tuition is just too expensive for the federal and state governments, which is a valid point, we can expect the first few years to be a little rocky however, as more and more people enroll in college, graduate and acquire jobs, we will start to see a payback within the economy. Since more people will have more jobs, we will be able to pay back the money utilized by the government to pay students’ college tuitions. Furthermore, most students who graduate do so with thousands of dollars in debt, therefore limiting their career options. Free college tuition also guarantees equal opportunity. Even under a system of free college, students would still have a stake in their education. They would have to maintain a specific GPA, and be expected to graduate within a certain time. 


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