Essays on Free Will

Free Will And Its Connection To The Criminal Justice System

In this essay I will be discussing one of the most popular topics in philosophy, free will; I will be expanding on how it can tie into the criminal justice system. Free will is largely argued, but one thing that should ultimately have the same meaning to everyone is justice. This paper isn’t meant to...
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The Debate Between The Advancement Of Physics And Free Will

The debate between the advancement of physics and free will is convoluted. The prototypical deterministic theory also known as Newtonian Mechanics is in tension with free will: people are being puppeteered by the laws of nature. People couldn’t find any other way than the indeterminism of quantum mechanics. Nonetheless, the fact that it is not...
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Reputation, Status, Ma’at, and Free Will: Critical Analysis

“A man is stable if he applies the Rule correctly, (and) follows his path according to the right way. (Thus) he will count (without avidity) his goods, (whereas) the one with the greedy heart will have no tomb.” – Ptah Hotep. Do our lives belong to us? Is our character what we make it? Are...
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