Essays on Future

The Essence Of The Concept Future Of Work

’Future of work’’ has appeared in literature as an attempt to identify ongoing changes and trends in conditions of the workplace on individual, organization, and industry levels (Stoepfgeshoff, 2018). Over the past 30 years, the industrial society has experienced a shift towards an information society and the growing importance of knowledge and ‘’science-based’’ businesses (Landry...
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Constructing The Future In The USA

In order to prepare the United States (US) for future conflicts, I feel adding three additional guiding principles could greatly increase the outcome of any future conflicts. First, our military leaders would need to incorporate changes that go along with the changes in how our adversaries are fighting, such as reassessing how to define “war”...
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A Future Of Humanity Beyond Plain Sight

Why do humans have a desire to create objects that produce outcomes beyond their capability of managing? There are endless answers to this question, with one including that we are riveted by the unknown. The tendency to gravitate towards something that could become extraordinary is a distinct part of human nature. Curiosity keeps us driven...
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Slow Fashion As a Future for Fashion Industry

Introduction: Today’s mass production and fast consumption cause environmental problems in sustainability, therefore, slow fashion has emerged against fast fashion as a solution with different sustainable methods. This essay will criticise how slow fashion sustains profitability through several business approaches. But how slow fashion makes a profit against successfully attained economic sustainability of fast fashion?...
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