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Rehabilitating Gang Members Into Suitable Citizens

With the female inmate population increasing at an alarming rate, the United States government has intended to create strategies limiting female offenses. Recently the female inmate population has risen from 26,378 in 1980 to 215,332 in 2014 (McConnell 2017). Women just like men, have begun to engage in every form of criminal activity such as...
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Female Gang Membership

The youth gang problem has become increasingly seen in many areas of America no matter the size of the city, large or small. Extensive research through many decades has focused upon gangs and everything regarding their formation, criminal acts, and age range in the gang. Society and the criminal justice system focus on gangs as...
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Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force

The mayor’s gang prevention task force is a form of primary and secondary gang prevention that has been widely successful in reducing crime rates among at risk or high at-risk youth. The task force was created to prevent, intervene and suppresses at-risk youth and youth gang members. The gang prevention task force stemmed from the...
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