Essays on Gender Differences

Culture And Gender Differences On Aggressive Behaviours

The present study will investigate the effects of culture and gender on aggressive behaviors. The proposed study aims to extend prior research by focusing on both gender differences between males and females, as well as, cultural differences among individualistically and collectivistically reared participants. Research indicates that internalized cultural descriptions significantly influence an individual’s emphasis on...
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Gender Differences In Stem

Introduction Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) pervades every part of society. However, it has been projected that it will be difficult for the U.S. to fill STEM related jobs in the upcoming years due to retirements (Wyss, 2012). This makes it clear for the need to increase students attitudes and interests in these fields....
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Gender Differences On Language

Abstract Language is used as a tool for human communication, and because of the human beings are the users of language, the study of language should not be made just from the perspective of symbol and should also be people-oriented. As speakers of special language, people try to express themselves, their beliefs, expectations by means...
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Perspectives Of Gender In Homer’s The Odyssey And Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain

Homer’s The Odyssey and Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain are works of historical fiction about a homeward journey that explores the different perspectives of gender. Set during the American Civil War, Frazier’s narrative explores a deserted soldiers perilous journey home to his wife, encountering numerous obstacles along the way. Homer’s epic explores war hero, Odysseus’s, numerous...

Gender Differences In Elder Mexican Adults and Access to Healthcare

Abstract Gender differences in health have always been an interesting topic of discussion. Women have always outlived men, but complained of more pain. Throughout many studies, we see that many females have reported more limitations in healthcare and physically diminished faster than men (Murtagh and Hubert, 2004). These differences can additionally be seen in older...
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