Essays on Gender Diversity

Existence of Actual Gender Difference in Schizophrenia: Analytical Essay

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder affecting 1% of the population; it is classified by multiple symptom categories, including positive psychotic symptoms, negative symptoms, disordered thoughts or speech and cognitive deficits (APA, 2013 & McGrath, Saha, Chant & Welham, 2008). A characterizing feature of the disorder is the difference in pathology between men and women, which...
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Study to Analyse the Level of Self Awareness among Women Students in Kumbakonam Town

Abstract Self-awareness is the first step towards enhancing ones emotional intelligence. Today’s corporate world is looking for emotional strong leaders. Hence this study in undertake primarily as a self- evaluation tool for the millennium youth to introspect themselves and to be more self-aware. Keyword: emotional intelligence, millennium youth, value of life. II. Introduction Information of...

The Stigmas Associated with Teen Parenting: How Gender-Stereotypical Expectations Contribute

Abstract One hundred three students from a small liberal arts college rated statements about potential stigma associated with unmarried, teen parents. After reading a scenario describing a typical unmarried teen couple’s pregnancy and early parenting experiences, participants indicated their level of agreement with 12 statements for either the mother or the father. T-test comparisons of...
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