Essays on Gender Identity

Psychoanalysis And Gender Identity

This essay will look at gender identity in relation to psychoanalysis, and what psychoanalysis has to say regarding those whose gender identity does not conform to their gender roles. Thus providing an explanation to why some people assigned gender does not conform to their gender roles and what psychoanalysis explanation for this is. What is...
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From Gender Identity Disorder To Gender Dysphoria

Pop culture and news outlets misconstrue transgender (trans), non-binary and gender non-conforming (GNC) identities as a new phenomenon, when it is documented that trans, non-binary and GNC people have existed for long before (CITE). Due to this misrepresentation, it is often understood that inclusion of these identities is “progressive” or “revolutionary,” which is problematic because...
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Gender Roles And Gender Identity

Social Learning Theory Social Learning theory emphasizes that people learn from one another via observation, modeling and imitation. I believe this is the most accurate theory regarding gender development. Theorized by Albert Bandura, he believed that people relied on observing the actions of others could with the development of ourselves. Bandura (1977) states “Learning would...
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Relationship between Fashion and Identity: Analytical Essay

In this essay I will investigate how the punk movement formed a new era of relaxed male masculinity and a further blurring of gender stereotyping. Additional factors which come under discussion are the strong political views and an awareness of social issues held by the group, which is not always seen within fashion trends. Men...
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