Gender Roles In India: Modernisation And Westernisation

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India is a very multicultural country with a large population. Therefore, there is a high chance that there will be resistance in change in modernisation and westernisation. The factor of inequality of gender roles in India has a large impact on the population; Specifically, those that are from a low socio- economic status. In this report i aim to investigate how modernisation and westernisation are considered and taken place in India. I will also discuss how some groups benefit from it and others don’t. Moreover, this will relate to the theory of conflict and the process of continuity and change in India.

Modernisation refers to transition from old to new. Modernisation is a continuous and open-ended process that will always be transitioning in countries that are not developed and will stay as a global process. Modernisation is a large factor currently. In a similar fashion Westernisation is also a major factor currently. Westernisation practises of western civilisation. When a non-western country gets influenced by a western country which then leads them to adapt to their way of life. The difference between westernisation and modernisation is that westernisation is about adapting to the culture, whereas modernisation is more focused on the adoption of technology and materialistic items. One country that I will be discussing is India and how India is transition into a modernised country and influenced by the westernisation and the concept of gender roles.

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India is in South Asia; it is the seventh largest country by size and the second most populated country. India is known for their highly sophisticated culture and religions and is one of the largest democracies in the world. However, India is also known for their spices and famous dishes.

Modernisation within India has grown rapidly and changed as whole, from economic, international funding, private cooperation and deploy capital and labour within India. India has also transformed its technology and finance and communications with other countries.

India has one of the oldest cultures and currently it is facing westernisation overlapping its country’s culture. Sadly, to see that the westernisation culture is taking over the original culture from a country. It is slowly showing its presence within India. Westernisation has affected India dramatically from its traditions to the people of India. And as society transforms in a country so does the people. One of the mains concerns citizens of the country have is that if western culture comes into India it doesn’t necessarily mean take over Indian culture but instead work together and combine both cultures and leave both the people who want either culture to be happy. The western culture is a extremely powerful threat and it is very easy to be adopted by any country that isn’t developed due to wanting change to their existing culture. There were some altercations between certain groups in India which lead to conflict.

“Gender roles in India is extremely simple and specific” . In the case of gender roles within India it is known that men should be the hardworking men they are must earn the financial support a family needs, whereas the women should be the one raising the child and staying at home and becoming a housewife who sits at home all day does the things that are labelled as women’s duty. Women in India are restricted from plenty of things and have little freedom. In a Indian family a woman is brought and raised to have little education, not being able to work and earn her own financial status but in the Indian culture the women is raised married early becoming mothers and basically working for her family and her husband at home while the man supports the family with money. The male on the other hand is raised with love and affection and taught to be outgoing. 80 percent of Indian males agree that the women’s job is to be a housewife and do the duties of child bathing changing diapers etc and they have nothing got to do with it. 65 percent of males also understand the fact of violence against women is wrong but still agree that there are certain circumstances were the women should be beaten and hurt physically. Gender roles in India is extremely not fair towards women especially regarding the fact they have little freedom and say during the life. Westernisation has impacted the subject of gender roles in India in a good way. The introduction of television, and the western lifestyle has helped India adapt to change their perspectives and stance about gender roles and equality between males and females.

In conclusion, India has experiences change in gender roles through modernisation and westernisation. It has developed new opinions, views, perspectives and lifestyle.


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