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When we think back to years ago and the generations that came before us we are inspired. The generations of hard working people that made our world what it is today. But when the future generations look back us we will be mocked and known as a “generation of snowflakes”. There are many reasons how we’ve come to this such as social media, but in my opinion reality television is most to blame. For the purpose of this report I will explain why I think reality television has spawned a generation of snowflakes.

Just now, before I started this report I asked google what our generation are known for and my first answer was a “generation of snowflakes”. For those of you who are not familiar with this term it is basically a neologistic term used to describe the young adults from 2010 onwards. We are more prone to taking offence and less resilient than previous generations, or as being too emotionally vulnerable to cope with views that challenge their own. To narrow it down we are basically “soft” when being compared to other generations.

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To be perfectly honest as a young adult in the 2010s I am offended over this term. I thought we were a stronger and more resilient than that, but yet again I am not surprised that it has come to this. When I hear of stories nowadays compared to years ago there is no comparison. For example disputes these days are settled by visits to court and massive expenses whereas even in our parents generation disputes were settled by a few punches. No wonder our parents and grandparents are disgusted by our generation.

If one was to ask me how our generation has fallen to this, I would have many explanations but one which most comes to mind is reality television that is made available to us on a day to day basis. When I think about it, it’s actually crazy it is almost impossible for a young person to avoid reality television. We switch on phones and its made available to us through apps like snapchat, but what does the most damage is through our tv’s. These days one cannot turn their televisions on to having an infinite supply of reality television shows at their disposal.

I’m not saying reality television is completely bad, it’s not it also has some benefits. For example my grandmother lives alone and gets great enjoyment out of shows such as the x-factor and Britain’s got talent. It gets her through what would be otherwise very boring times. For others reality television is an escape from the real world and could seriously help people.

My point is that too much reality television is not good for our generation. Previous generations of people lived with it and they are not known as ‘snowflakes’. There are actually very few enjoyable shows available to us anymore like ‘the waltons’ that showed people how to actually get on in life. As there is such a massive supply of fake shows like ‘hollyoaks’, it is bound to have a negative influence on the lives of our young people. Its because of shows like this that has made us into a generation of snowflakes.

My first reason why I feel reality television is the cause for us becoming a generation of snowflakes is that they are completely fake. People watch shows like big brother and see how the spoilt celebrities react to things and before one even knows it they are copying these people and how they cope in life. For example last week when I was watching ‘big brother’ one of the housemates looked at another strangely and before you knew it they were tears and a big argument. One of the contestants even tried to leave. That’s exactly what’s going wrong with our generation, we are learning off the wrong people. To be perfectly honest shows like that really turn my stomach.

Another reason why I feel reality television has come to this is that the producers have lost their way. Years ago these shows were used as entertainment and served more purpose, for instance ‘the late late show’ really helped our country get out of a dark period. It tackled issues that were never spoken of before. Nowadays though, each show is about the ratings and whatever they can do to get more viewers. Reality tv has lost its way and its only motivation is money. The more dramatic the shows have become the more people that get sucked in and therefore leads to young people not going a day without looking at reality television. These young people look at how dramatic the reality tv stars lives are and want their own life to be exactly the same.

According to ‘’ reality tv gives a false sense of confidence . In my view this is massive in spawning us into a generation of snowflakes. Although these programmes are enjoyable to watch, as people are eliminated from a show such as the x-factor, one may wonder if they’ll ever experience that type of rejection if they ever decide to pursue their dreams of acting, singing or whatever it may be. Reality tv sends the message that a persons abilities and overall self-worth can be measured in the amount of votes they receive from the general public each week. Yes, we are constantly judged in life for a variety of reasons, but from watching a show like this daily one could feel that opinions can make or break you in life. That’s no way to gain or maintain confidence but its certainly a way to lose it, and maybe that’s how we have become a generation of snowflakes.

Reality tv also does not promote healthy conflict resolution. When reality stars get in these so called fights during an episode, they very rarely sit down and talk about the issue in a calm and rational manner. That doesn’t make for exciting tv. Instead there’s a full blown fight. By watching these types of occurrences on tv it’s telling our young people that it’s okay to get crazy during conflict, which can make the argument way bigger than it actually is.

What is also making us into a generation of snowflakes is that reality tv is changing the standards of beauty. On sets of these shows there are hair and makeup people on set to make sure the cast looks their best. Reality shows also get expensive beauty treatments to ensure their skin and hair is flawless when in front of the camera. This leaves our younger people thinking they are not attractive enough and that you will never look as great as you want to. Impossible standards have been set for decades and reality television does not make it any better for our young people.

Due to the current supply of reality tv, irresponsible behaviour is being promoted. Tv stars are encouraged to do erratic and irresponsible things, because it promotes the show and makes into money for everyone involved. As a general rule, it’s not advisable to get drunk in public and start a fight with someone or to attend an event with as little clothes on as possible. Spending insane amounts of money on clothes and cars that you can’t afford isn’t a good idea either, once again creating a generation of snowflakes.

Reality tv has also encouraged selfish behaviour in our world. Every cast member of each show wants to be the star and will do anything to achieve that goal. Of course the producers encourage this behaviour because it makes for interesting tv, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right. Even if you’re not a child with an ultra-impressionable mind, you may still find that you at least consider acting like one of your favourite reality stars when not getting your own way. Pouting, lying to others for selfish game and sabotaging one another’s career or reputation are not traits that will make you popular with friends or family. Trying to be selfish in real life can have serious consequences that most people are not prepared to deal with, which yet again inspires a generation of snowflakes.

My final reason why I feel reality tv is to blame for our current generation is that it is not actually reality. Cast members are paid to wear designer clothes, drink too much and yell at each other for no apparent reason, and behave irrationally. They are paid to show off, its their job to entertain us. What happens is our younger generation refer this to reality and start imitating their favourite reality tv stars which results in them becoming a ‘generation of snowflakes’.

I fully believe that reality tv has spawned a generation of snowflakes amongst us young people today. It’s almost impossible to believe that many of these shows are what future generations will deem as classics. While its not possible to go back to television and film eras of times past, it’s probably best that we try to improve the quality of modern television, before it gets any worse.


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