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Analysis of the Appearance of NCBL (National Community Basketball League) in Malaysia

Everyone has different perspectives on a specific thing which personal perception are influenced by multiracialism and multiculturalism. Be that as it may, the training fields, indoor halls and outdoor courts of mainstream sports such as football, basketball, badminton, and more appear to recount a different story. There is a lack of racial diversity (Komas, 2017)....
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Analysis of Psychology in South Africa in Terms of Racism and Censorship

Chabani Manganyi and South African Psychology Psychology in South Africa has a long and controversial history, especially given the country’s history of segregation and racial discrimination during the Apartheid era. The following essay intends on outlining psychology in South Africa in terms of racism, censorship, the curriculum taught in higher-educational institutions and the demography of...

The Civil Rights Struggle in Virginia: Impact of Jim Crow Laws

Introduction The struggle for civil rights in both Virginia and the entire country has its roots in the history of both Virginia and the United States. There were major periods of improvement and devastating setbacks that occurred for equal rights. The largest proponents in the ongoing and epic struggle is embedded in Virginia’s history and...
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Critical Analysis of Minority Governments in the History of Canada

Many people around the world including Canadians have regarded politics as a dirty one-sided game where the top 1% (the elite class) usually benefit no matter which political party is in the position of power. For many decades, legislative politics has played a huge role in the development of Canada. These historic moments have led...
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Reflection on My First Time in Miami Beach: Opinion Essay

It’s 2009, I’m nine years old and for the first time, I enter what we all Miami people know and love Dolphin Mall. Imagine a little girl coming from the Caribbean, which was Cuba. Were if a child had two pairs of shoes was too much. Walking into a place where everything was filled with...
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