Essays on Geography

Summer Vacation: My Long Trip To Thailand

What I did last summer? I was born in Vietnam, but I moved to the United States almost three years ago, I was quite busy from work to school, so I did not get a chance to visit my hometown. Last summer, when I heard my best friend was getting married, my sister and I...
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Discrimination Of Women of Argentina: Abused and Assaulted

“In 2016 alone, 254 Argentine women died from gender-based violence… that amounts to one woman killed every 34 hours” (Henao). What they are doing is femicide, femicide is when you target females specifically and hurt them. People in Argentina do this for there is nothing to stop them; no consequences. Technically it is allowed since...
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School Field Trip: Personal Experience

This year student’s of the Greater Miami Adventist Academy are sick and tired of going to same old Zoo Miami for field trips. We the students have decided to spice things up this year and head up north to Orlando for a restful, yet fun packed trip. Instead of walking around a stinky zoo for...
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General Overview Of Alaska: History And Resources

Alaska has amazing beauty and resources. Alaska was previously owned by Russia in the 1870s.(purchase 1)Although some may not agree, Alaska has a lot of history and resources. Alaska has a lot of history and a lot of this history is very important. Alaska has cold rivers and tall mountains (Zimmerman). The tallest mountain in...
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Significance Of Mathematical Concepts To The Ancient Egyptian Society: Great Pyramids Of Giza

Over countless centuries, mathematics has obtained a prevailing aspect in the period of the ancient Egyptian civilisation. Mathematics has served as a surviving aspect in everyday life of Egyptian and enabled them to live in a civilised society with sufficient stability, and an extension of an aesthetic city. With Egypt’s prosperity, it is predominate evidence...

Halloween Traditions: Trick Or Treating And Haunted Houses

Halloween is the time of the year when kids get to dress up and eat as much candy as they want. For most kids, this is all they look forward to from September until November 1st. The town thinks Halloween is too dangerous and therefore should be canceled, but haunted houses would be put in...
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The Independence Of Colonies Gained Over Great Britain

On July 4th, 1776, the colonies gained independence over Great Britain. Before that could happen, there were two sides fighting for who would get them; the Loyalists and the Patriots. The Loyalists were fighting to stay with Great Britain and continue King George III’s reign into what is now the U.S. On the other side...
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My Hotel Experience: Opinion Essay

Being able to have a few days to yourself without stressing on any homework, running errands or going to work is something everyone wishes for. Throughout this school year, my boyfriend and I decided to go to a hotel during the weekend for his birthday. Before we booked the hotel, we had looked for the...
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Building a Dam in a Developing Country: Pros And Cons

Building a dam in a developing country is not a marvelous idea because it destroys the environment around it, a dam will destroy houses, and it will cause animals to perish causing a shorting in food supply for many communities. Damage will be a leading factor for the reasons of why a developing country should...
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Peculiarities Of Schooling in China

Schooling in China is driven by competition, memorization, and the fear of failing. Not to be over dramatic but these school years will determine the rest of your life. From grading, testing and everyday life, it all revolves around school. Your schooling years will either make you or break you. Grading is one huge factor...
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