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German Nation and Holocaust: Analytical Essay

The Holocaust is a one of the worst mass murders known in history. From the years 1939 -1943, 6 million Jews were killed, not sparing women, children or babies. This was orchestrated by the leader of the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler, who personally blamed the Jews and Communists for the loss of World War 1...
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Reasons For German People To Follow Hitler Into The Holocaust

Evaluate why the German people followed Hitler into the Holocaust The Holocaust occurred between the years of 1941 and 1945. It was the World War 2 genocide of the European Jews, lead by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. Hitler manipulated the German people and their weaknesses, dreams and fears. He blended old prejudices and...
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Social Condition of Germany: Otto Dix's 1920 Painting Prager Strasse

Through this essay, I will be exploring and expanding on Otto Dix’s 1920 painting Prager Strasse. Decrypting it and the horrifying imagery of the effects of war and its correlation to the war-torn society. Its response and how it adapted and evolved to the after-effects of the war and to the people mainly war disabled...
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German Rail Accident Eschede in 1998: Analytical Essay

Abstract—Statistically travelling by train is one of the safest options one can pick, yet there are still some gruesome train crashes throughout the history. On 3 June 1998 the worst train accident in the history of Germany occurred. One of Inter City Express’ (ICE) trains derailed under a bridge at Eschede and caused the collapse...
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Nazi German Propaganda: Critical Analysis

Propaganda happens when spreading or publishing of information/news in support of a cause. While hearing this word (propaganda) it is often used in a negative sense because especially politician who spread false news to grab the attention of a people and to get their way on power or any campaign that is used to persuade...
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Hip Hop: Peculiarities Of A Turkish-German Style

Everything can be much confusing when you are a Muslim with the taste of sausage. When you riffs in German and rhymes in Turkish. Moving like water, you have the joints of a ghost. You are a cross-cultural rapper in a Europe restless about identity. Your hip-hop is a staccato barrage rumbling between two worlds,...
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