Giving and Getting Respect: Critical Analysis

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Respect is one of those things that money cannot buy. You have to earn it by paying it to the others.

Respect is a feeling an emotion that is a need of every human being at every stage of life. When the kids are growing up we teach them good values which include thinking good about the others, admiring the young and the old, treating everyone well and equal. In short, to grow up into a good human being with all the good qualities, we teach our kids to respect everyone. Children must learn to respect the elders as well as the youngsters in every way possible. Every small error that they make we correct them so that they develop a profound character altogether.

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As we have our duties of guiding them well, we as elders must also work to earn respect by keeping the account of our deeds good and growing. You have to give respect to get it back.

Not only children but everyone needs to regard others. It is an important element in life for each and every age group. Respect keeps relationships healthy and makes the family bond stronger. Each and everyone deserve and needs praise and honour, so always appreciate and admire the people around you. The law of karma applies everywhere, what you give is what you shall get back.

Respect is that magical ingredient which builds stronger bonds and is very useful for strengthening personal relationships. Respect is a basic human need and everyone craves for it. On the contrary, disrespect can cause only negative effects on society. The ability to value and honour other people despite having a difference of opinion is the very concept of respect.

Behaviour, Mindset and Misunderstanding

In a formal relationship there occurs misunderstanding because of unwanted advice. When in a bad mood one may misjudge a rational suggestion. Even though you might have good intentions of guiding people but sometimes the uninvited advice can make them feel disrespected. Keep in mind that the need of being respected is far higher than the need to be advised and guided.

Respect has various forms. It is a feeling and an attitude of youngsters towards their elders and vice-versa. Say for instance you do not like a person’s behaviour, actions or words and you disapprove of the way he thinks, it is the respect factor that makes you accept him the way he is without showing any signs of disapproval. At times ignoring a person’s behaviour and not judging him by his attitude is the kind of respect you can give him.

Every person living in the society is different and hence will have different mindsets, choices and opinions. There exist differences but still everyone deserves respect.

Make the other people feel respected in every way, a better way to express this is, take care that others do not feel disrespected in any way by your actions or words. This is the correct approach of any individual in the society. Do not impose your view on the others, let them not feel unwanted or unimportant. Guiding others absolutely depends on your relationship, timing and situation.

However anyone takes your guidance or not is totally their choice and decision.

Respect has many forms like self – respect, showing respect to others, respect for the norms of the family and society, respect for the nation, respect for values, nature and culture.


While respect for others is important, it is equally important for oneself. Learn to value yourself and that is how you shall develop the nature of respecting the others. Treat yourself right and learn the importance of treating people with respect. The ability to accept oneself with dignity regardless of the negative opinion of others, and to be able to value and appreciate oneself defines selfrespect.

Giving and Getting Respect

It is essential to feel respected and to be able to perform without being humiliated. Being respected by others in the society increases efficiency and selfesteem. Respect also brings a state of well being and boosts the confidence level to perform better.

Respect people despite the difference in opinion you have with them. Tolerating, accepting and considering the views of the others is a way of showing respect to them. For example parents, teachers, elder people with a different set of belief or even any person with a different status must be respected. Treat people the way you want to be treated by them. If you do not respect them they shall not respect you either. Become the vibe you want to attract to yourself.

Respecting the norms of family and society helps in building a better place to live in. Being responsible, respecting the opinion of others, following the family rules and that of the society like maintaining eating and working hours, to give a

helping hand, listening to the others with patience, maintaining a decorum, not littering the city are different ways of showing. Taking care of animals, plants and trees, honouring the principles of another culture, respecting the National Flag and the National Anthem, following the laws are several ways in which you can express your respect towards, nature, society, culture as well as the Nation.

It is said that respect is the main aspect between parents and children, teachers and students. To respect can be taught only by giving. When you give respect to children you teach them to respect others.

Nurturing Respect in Children

Have you thought that even a three-year-old kid expects to be respected in a certain way?

For instance not being given a choice to play with the toy of their liking, is disrespect for them. Not allowing them to choose what thye would like to wear is also considered as not being respected at that age. A little older and they would expect to read the menu card at the restaurant for ordering their choice of food, but when not given the opportunity is a disregard for them. Similarly, teenagers have their own idea about respect concerning friends, gadgets, outings and more. Every age and phase of life is associated with some sense of respect, and we all need to respect that for sure.

You must suggest, advise and encourage your children, but take care not to impose on them. Be liberal and guide them if needed, else allow them to deal with situations like you would allow any adult to do it. You must not aim to have complete control over your child’s behaviour or, accept their decisions and respect their choices. When you don’t rule over them then they learn the concept of responsibility and acceptance. They learn how to treat others and to

Respect them despite the difference of opinions.

It is difficult at times not to raise your voice with children but try and not shout at them. Try different ways to explain them, keeping calm will teach them to remain calm. Using negative words like bad, dumb or useless should be avoided because they are too disrespectful and also discourages the child. Instead of scolding with the bad words it is good to remain calm and explain them in simple words about their wrong actions or words.

Do not let them disrespect you, do not let them take advantage of your soft corner for them. Teach them self respect and self-esteem which they can get only by giving.

It is really important to apologise. Whether it is the child or the parent, the one who makes a mistake needs to apologise. When you apologise for your mistake you are teaching your child to accept their mistake and seek forgiveness.

Never forget to acknowledge their good behaviour and actions. Appreciating them is essential as they will love to hear it and shall repeat the same be encouraged to keep doing good. This feeling of inspiration plays a significant role in the development of child’s character.

Surround yourself with the right people, walk with a positive attitude, keep your ego away but never accept disrespect. Boost your self-esteem. Have a positive body language and also speak good words.


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