Essays on Global Governance

Global Context Of Corporate Social Responsibility

Introduction The global context of CSR implies the governance of CSR at the global level. The global governance of CSR involves and cater to a wide range of actors such as foundations, institutions, and world leaders. These actors come together to provide, influence and setup thoughts, principles, and procedures on matters of common concern. Administration...
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Globalization And Evolution Of Corporate Governance

In this article, we describe what corporate governance and its influence in society. Corporate governance can either ruin or safe any economy, culture, or community. As it’s clear on all of us that the world has become a global village, so global change directly or indirectly affects the corporate governance any various ways. This article...
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The Bretton Woods System And Global Economic Governance

Introduction The trend towards world governance has been significantly evident within the sphere of economic political. This can be as a result of economic science is that the most evident space of reciprocity amongst states, and therefore the space wherever the failure of international cooperation will cause the clearest injury. Since 1945, a system of...
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