Global Warming: Consequences For Human Activities

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Over the last few decades ever since the first Industrial Revolution, humans have become relatively active in various industries and that has advanced human technologies as well as generate more jobs that have improve human’s overall lifestyles and life qualities, but it has also badly polluted the Earth’s atmosphere to the point climate change and global warming are now becoming big issues that the entire world is concern about.

Firstly, the most common change in the climate is that the Earth’s temperature has accelerated over the last decades and that has lead to global warming. There are a lot of factors that cause global warming but humans activities have contributed the most. To be more precise, humans have emitted more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere after the Industrial Revolution than its entire history combined. Cars and factories emission create greenhouse gas effect, in which warmer the temperature of the Earth and causes global warming.

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Secondly, at the rate of the Earth’s temperature is accelerated right now, over the next century, humans will be expected to experience some of the worst climatic changes and severe weather. That can include the melting of the glaciers in the poles that lead to the rise in sea level that can later generate more extreme flooding that can worsen the flooding issue that coastal areas is facing right now. It can also consist of more extreme drought and hot weather as the greenhouse gas effect can worsen over time, maybe to the point where cattle can’t live and crops cannot grow because it is too hot and that can lead to the shortage of food resources that can eventually lead to an even more uneven distribution of food among the human’s population as of now. This can essentially lead to a decrease in human’s population and this can be the worst situation that global warming can bring to humanity over the course of the next hundred years later.

Lastly, as bad as global warming sound like and it is obviously inevitable, it can be slowed down if humans take more appropriate measures against it. These measures include the use of renewal and nature energy such as solar energy, wind and water. By using these energies, the rate of factories emission can be drastically decreased, which will slowed down the greenhouse gas effect. Urban areas and cities can apply laws where it will reduce the rate of using motor vehicles and increase the use of low greenhouse gases emission public transport. Not only this help to reduce cars emission in highly populated cities, but it can also apply good practices into people where they would prefer public transport over motor vehicles and that can be a good thing.

In conclusion, humans activities in the last few hundred years have produced carbon dioxide that badly affects the Earth’s atmosphere and temperature and have worsen the greenhouse gas effect. But if humanity is to address the matter with a more serious and with more appropriate methods, there can still be hope that humans can still advance into the future, a future where the Earth would not be polluted.


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