Globalization: Political, Social And Economic Aspects

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Globalization is the integration, interrelation, and the interaction of people, companies, and governments across the world. In my country, globalization is well exposed in the global market thus clearly indicated by the following measures.

To begin with, the interrelation of my country with other foreign markets have been on the rise. Various organizations and companies are highly investing in my country since they have realized the strength and contribution of my country. (Alex, 1983) Due to this, most companies have increased their operations in the country and as a result exposure of my country to the global market.

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Secondly, technology in my country indicates a good exposure to the global market. This helps the country in performing most of its basic affairs in the international market and as a result healthy competition in various sectors. Due to this, my country is able to relate and adapt strategies, which ensure an increase in technology adaptations as the world market also continues to advance in matters relating to technology.

Equally, the issue of increased and direct foreign investment of the main key projects such as road construction is a good projection that my country is doing well in the issue of globalization. This is a clear indication of a high level of countries engaged in the world market and this s essential in terms of growth. Also, the exhibition of different diversities of culture in most organizations makes them see the need for relation, integration, and interaction, which have in turn increased the organization’s performance level.

Finally, trade liberalization, which has propelled foreign trade entry, and the resource transfer from my country to another without or few trade barriers in performing business barriers in international business is a clear indication of current market operations in my country. This also shows the high growth of my country in global market operations.

Politically, globalization is positively projected. This is made possible through a fair play by the government which has been on the forefront to ensure that companies from the outside invest in the country. This improves our living standards and decreases issues related to unemployment and many more. As a result, most of the country’s internal challenges are being solved by political engagement.

In the social aspect, as long as we are positively benefiting, my country embraces social diversities. This is a result of our culture which is much related to investment. This welcomes investors and various stakeholders from the diverse world market. (Tonny, 1992) In my country, we have 52 tribes. This brings about integration and each community embraces the world market in various styles. This is the main reason as to why we are able to pull various communities internationally into our issues.

Economically, it’s crystal clear that our market is the best in performance in the region and it comprises of 15 countries. This is the reason as to why it has pulled different investors from various stakeholders and this has continually improved our economy. On the technology side, the increase in revolution and industrialization level is a clear explanation of how we are well adapted to technology, which is the operating sector within the operational context of both private and public sectors.

On the environment side, we are capable of relating to the international stakeholders through enabling the market and availability of resources that are unexploited. This takes operations to global levels.


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