Google: Necessity Of Broking Up

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Should Google be broken up? Well, I think no. Google had provided over 100 Services and Products that are widely available to use by countless worldwide companies and consumers without any restriction and free to use.

According to CAN, Google does both research and online advertising, but research has shown the search advertising has a lower market than online advertising and many more players are using online advertising than Google. – e.g., Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, Twitter sites. In fact, those sites have a higher user visiting number compare to Google. Additionally, there is an offline advertising platform such as Newspapers and Posters which gives more options for the advertiser to choose from than Google (Pangarkar, 2019). “If Google was omnipotent and really able to exclude potential competition, then it would be successful in almost everything it tried, but Google had failed many times” – (Nitin Pangarkar, 2019). An example would be “Google+”, Google failed at this social network where this service can be a competition between Facebook.

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Research also shows that other than advertising, Google faced competition in many other services and products too – e.g., Google Maps, Google Assistants, Cloud market, where these services were also provided by other tech giants such as Apple and Amazon, where they launched their own virtual assistants (Siri and Alexa). Nevertheless, Sydney Morning Herald has reported that “Nine Entertainment Co-launched a new advertising platform in the fight against Google” (Dye, 2019).

Google had always focus on improving its products and services to meet the needs of its consumers. They provide users with accurate and wide-ranging research results. According to (J.Clement, 2019) – “Google is currently investing in voice-controlled smart-home speakers and devices like Google Home Series”, as there is a growth market in the voice search and usage of digital assistants. The innovation I like most would be Google Drive, as it allows the users to safely keep their files and share files around with people. During the I/O 2019 Developer Conference Google had also announced that they are working on “new Search Features, a next-gen Google Assistant, Google Nest, Live Captions, Android Q and new Pixel smartphones” (Kundaliya, 2019).

If Google is broken up, it might affect Google’s innovation by stopping them to establish a better feature than other companies as they do not have the network in place already, for example, the needed data and resources. It might also affect Google search results, such as providing irrelevant information to users, a lesser range of results, and increase the research time due to the inequality of data that Google had. It would also affect countless consumers in ways such as it might require them to pay for some of the free services provided by Google. Once Google is broken up, their resources and data would be separated and other players (overseas tech giants) in a similar firm might launch new innovated services or products to take over Google.

To conclude – “Breaking up a company is an extreme measure almost the corporate equivalent of a death sentence and the benefits are unclear” – (Peter Coy, 2017)


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