Google: Ways To Motivate Employees To Work Better

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Google LLC is an American technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. Google is also considered one of the big four technology companies, which also consists of Amazon, Apple, and Facebook. Google was created on the 4th of September 1998 in Menlo Park, California. It was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin who were doing a research project when they were both Ph.D. students at Stanford University. Google was made by the pair building a server network using cheap, used, and borrowed personal computers.  Roles and Responsibilities

Google has an abundance of different roles in their organization, all, come with different responsibilities. The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai who mainly involves managerial tasks such as assigning teams and resources to projects, analyzing the development, and completing them eventually. When you’re as famous and popular as Google, it is extremely important to make sure the company’s goals and tasks are known. This is what the communications manager at Google has to do. From taking phone calls all day to making sure the media understands what’s happening with the business, the communications manager has a lot to look after. The Senior Staff Engineer is expected to take leadership in whichever department they are placed into, whether that be AdWords, YouTube, or any other subcategory of the company, and expected to complete any task that comes their way. Google has a large number of Senior research scientists for its research divisions. These employees usually work on projects like cars that drive themselves or other crazy items.

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What are Strategies for motivating employees?

Google’s employees couldn’t work as hard as they do without Google assisting them on their day-to-day journey. Health Care is the organized provision of medical care to individuals or large groups. Google prioritizes its health care for its employees by implementing on-site nurses, medical services, and much more. This strategy makes employees feel at home and stay as healthy as possible. Google takes health care so seriously it has secretly harvested supposedly “tens of millions” of medical records such as names of the patients, laboratory results, diagnoses, and prescriptions from more than 2600 hospitals. This was all done as part of a machine-learning project code-named Nightingale. This project was built for medical professionals that would employ algorithms from the machine to make suggestions about different diagnoses, prescriptions, and even what doctors to assign to a patient. What could be better than receiving something for free? Well, working at Google provides everybody with an insane number of free perks and bonuses. Google has implemented free food, free haircuts, gyms, swimming pools, nap pods, and even more perks. This motivates employees as they can get as much work done as possible due to them being able to do everything at work rather than at their household. Issues come with this strategy as Google employees often do not get paid as much due to all the free items they are being supplied with. For Google to get the best out of their employees, they need to know what they really think. Google has been using many different types of data such as surveys, quizzes, and much more on their employees. After originally thinking bosses were unnecessary, feedback from the employees came back opposite and now Google finally understands the importance of middle managers. Google now uses data from their employees and use feedback to help the company keep developing.

Future of Work

As Google keeps adding onto its almost trillion-dollar company, it should most likely base most of its newer items as a mobile app so that people can easily access whatever they need from their phones. The recommendation I have chosen would be to consider Adam’s equity theory

Recommendations for Google

Positive motivation is a must-have for not just Google, but, for any company in general. Motivation is extremely important as it pushes employees to work harder and longer with more passion for what they are doing. Google motivates its employees with health care, free items, and getting the employees more involved. These strategies have a significant impact on the company’s employees as these motivational strategies help the business create new items and also get jobs done on time and correctly as these strategies help workers to try their very best. Recommendations for Google would exploit the trend of mobile device usage by offering mobile-phone applications which would result in a more organized way of doing things and a much easier way of doing things with just the tap of a finger.   


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