Essays on Gothic Architecture

Gothic Architecture And Neo Gothic: General Characteristics

The first phase of gothic lasted from approx. the 1130s – to 1200s. It quickly spread in this stage throughout Europe. The 3 defining elements which were present; flying buttresses, ribbed vaults and pointed arches; latter replaced rounded arches that allowed for more flexibility in cathedrals of those vertical proportions. In England, the early gothic...
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Gothic Architecture: Evolution Of Proportion And Geometry Through The Ages

The objective of this essay is to critically analyse and show how, since ancient times proportion and geometry have always been the fellow companions of architecture on its journey of evolution through the ages. Throughout history, appreciated architecture has always emanated from an adequate knowledge and understanding of some form of geometric principles. To understand...
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Development Of Gothic Architecture In Europe In Middle Ages

Gothic architecture is initially a style in Europe that qualities stature and fragile. It started in the mid-twelfth century until the late sixteenth century, specifically the style of brickwork structures which have walls separated by overlaid tracery. Progressively substantial structures were executed amid the twelfth to the thirteenth century. Its birthplaces are French, along these...

Gothic Architecture: Application Of Principles Of Gothic Architecture In A Modern Design For A Community Center

Gothic Architecture Belgium is known for architectural movements such as Rococo, Classicism, Art Nouveu, Gothic, Art Deco, and Modernism. For this project Gothic architecture will analysed and used in some way. The sub-question then being: “To what extent can principles of Gothic Architecture be used in a modern design for a community center?” Gothic architecture...
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