Essays on Government Surveillance

The Issue Of Government Surveillance In Globalisation Age (In The Context Of Snowden's Case)

Introduction In these past decades, also known as the ‘Information Age’, data privacy and security have been prime concerns, especially after the Snowden incident and Cambridge Analytica. This has brought up several questions, primarily that of privacy protection, as well as controlling the usage and distribution of our personal information. This wasn’t always the case....

Human Rights And Mass Surveillance

Can you imagine a world where our communications and activities can be collected, analysed, and stored at low cost? At the same time, commercial imperatives drive a range of companies to amass vast stores of information about you, the way you act on social media, your health, finances, and shopping habits. The problem is there...
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The Issue Of Ethics With US Government Surveillance

Whether you realize it or not, the United States government has been monitoring its citizens for a multitude of years with new surveillance technology. These technologies include video recordings, audio recordings, databases, and many other technologies. The government has been invading people’s privacy with new technology without permission from the people. As time passes by,...
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Government Surveillance Through The US Patriot Act

The fall of the Twin Towers in New York City on September 11th, 2001 captured the attention of the world. More importantly, it captured the attention of US government surveillance agencies who worried that there may be more attacks like these in the future. In response, the US government passed a bill to strengthen national...
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Government Surveillance As A Means Of National Security

The fear of terrorism and other crucial crimes has increased the widespread of sophisticated surveillance systems. Surveillance technology has been installed nearly everywhere, which has allowed the government to monitor the public through street cameras, emails, phone calls, and even text messages. Technological supervision has had a positive effect on public safety by collecting information...
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Surveillance and Censorship: Annotated Bibliography

Problem Statement:- “The law only has sledgehammers, when what we need are parking tickets and spending tickets.”- Mitch Kapor, the cyberpunk Nowadays, the internet has been gaining its popularity at an amazing rate. The internet has become an important communicative tool, which brings significant convenience and efficiency for people. However, the internet also has severe...
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