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Industrial Revolution: Great Britain Versus China

Industrial Revolution was the development to new mechanical processes started in Great Britain from late 18th century to 19th century. Industrial Revolution created myriads of influential inventions that they still have effects on us nowadays, for instance, it gave birth to textile, railroad, steam engine, the sewing machine, telephone, and telegraph, which contributed to transportation,...

Silurian Closure Of The Iapetus Ocean: Geological Effects On Britain

Introduction The Silurian period was undoubtedly a time of significance for Britain as the tectonic activity that occurred during this time triggered the two halves of Britain to converge and became a fundamental factor in the geology of the Isles. The continents Baltica and Avalonia, throughout the Ordovician time, both had comparable drift history as...
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Iraq War: Abuse Of Iraqis By Soldiers Between 2003 And 2009

soldiers systematically abused Iraqis all in the name of defence and intelligence between 2003 and 2009. An array of unlawful interrogation practices were used against innocent Iraqi civilians. Even though these five techniques were outlawed by the Geneva conventions in 1949, deemed as ‘inhuman and degrading treatment’ by the ECHR against Article 3 and rejected...

Characteristics Of Industrialization In Great Britain

Industrialization is the largescale introduction of manufacturing, advanced technical enterprises and other productive economic activity into a society or country. Essentially the replacement of manual labor with the use of machines. This was the result of interrelated changes, which transformed a society that once relied on agricultural into an industrial one. The most immediate change...

Historical Ties Between The Republic Of Ireland And The: Shared Legal Tradition, Common Language And Cultural Ties

An analysis of the spectacular growth that Ireland had in the last few decades would not be complete enough without a comparison with the economic performance that the island had prior to this economic miracle. The close historical ties between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, with their shared legal tradition, common language...
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The Independence Of Colonies Gained Over Great Britain

On July 4th, 1776, the colonies gained independence over Great Britain. Before that could happen, there were two sides fighting for who would get them; the Loyalists and the Patriots. The Loyalists were fighting to stay with Great Britain and continue King George III’s reign into what is now the U.S. On the other side...
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