Essays on Green Building

Green Building: Singapore As The Greenest City In Asia

Singapore is a small and dense urbanized island nation and yet according to the Green City Index, it is the greenest city in Asia. In the 1980s about 36% of the nation was labelled ‘green’ which includes its flourishing environments, renewable energy and future sustainability. Today, that number stands at 47%. Singapore lacks natural resources...

Implementation Of Green Building Materials

Abstract Every building exists within an environmental context upon which is not only acts on but also has an impact upon the building. Nowadays, a building is hard to be constructed as a microcosm due to the rise of complexity and interrelatedness. The people in charge of every building project must consider the impact it...

Green Building: Pros And Cons

Green structure alludes to both the structure and the use of procedures that are naturally dependable and asset proficient all through a structure’s life-cycle: from intending to plan, development, activity, upkeep, redesign, and destruction.This requires close collaboration of the contractual worker, the designers, architects, and the customer at all undertaking stages.The Green Building practice extends...
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