Essays on Han Dynasty

Han Dynasty: General Characteristics

Being a new dynasty that occurred after the Zhou, The Qin, led by Qin Huangdi, arose to reverse the process of political decay. Ruling a very military driven dynasty, the Qin was a very centralized dynasty. The Qin left a strong foundation for the Han dynasty retaining the same centralized government. The Han rulers retained...
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Similarities And Differences Between Han China And ​Mauryan/Gupta India

During the classical period, ​Han China (206 BCE-220 C) and Mauryan/Gupta India (320 BCE-550 CE) empires had developed many ​similarities and differences in methods​ of political control. Although these empires are hundreds of miles apart and they share commonalities of allowing religion to control parts of their politics but in different ways. They also share...
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Cao Cao’s Impact On Chinese History: Han Dynasty

Cao Cao was an extremely significant warlord in ancient China, who single handedly determined the outcome of the 3 kingdoms war. During his reunification of China, the future leader of the Jin dynasty (265 Ad-462 Ad) was able to use his groundwork to win the war. A strong military ruler and a brilliant tactician, Cao...
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