Essays on Hannah Arendt

Hannah Arendt’s Existential Form Of Political Philosophy

Hannah Arendt’s existential form of political philosophy are individuals having the ability to live politically with other individuals in a democratic society. Arendt introduces new ways of accounts for human action through three key forms of activity — labour, work and action. Arendt focuses on the idea of ‘natality’ which is brought about by authentic...
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Democracy And Civil Society: Literature Review

Review 1, Part I; Arendt, H. (1963) On Revolution, New York: Viking (chapter: ‘The social question) (590 words) Hannah Arendt’s ‘The Social Question’ (1963) is a political piece that picks apart the revolutions of the past. In it, Arendt discusses the historical and social processes behind evolutions and the reasons for both their successes and...
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Hannah Arendt: The Failure Of The “Rights Of Man”

According to what Hannah Arendt states in her work, the situation of stateless people, caused by the first World War and the consequent breakdown of European nations is a symptom of the failure of the “Rights of Man”. She believes that the raise of stateless people has a corrosive influence, as once the police feel...
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