Essays on Happiness

Definition of Happiness at Work: Analytical Essay

Introduction In the debate surrounding the psychological state of employees at the workplace, there is an argument suggesting that the aspects of work environment are to be assumed as causes of happiness or unhappiness and stress in organizations. There is a great deal of literature showing that salaries, superiors, motivation and other features of the...
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Reflection on The Pursuit of Happiness: Opinion Essay

Introduction Happiness is often sought through external stimuli and we are no strangers to fuelling our dopamine levels with artificial sources to achieve the satisfaction of desire. We have all depended on something or someone as a source to uphold our idea of happiness. We freely pursue joy and live life in a way that...
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Happiness and Productivity: Analytical Essay

Introduction Individuals can only unleash their hidden potential and go an extra mile to achieve targets when they are happy. Happy people are highly motivated and are always ready to give their best in whatever they do. For this reason, most of the top organizations across the globe focus largely on making their employees happy...
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The Nature, Theories and Science of Happiness: Analytical Essay

The nature of happiness Abstract: The concept of happiness has been one of the most misinterpreted notions in social research. Philosophers and psychologists have put forward many definitions and explanations of this important concept but no single meaning is generally accepted. Happiness has been liken to life satisfaction, as emotional state, as well-being and as...
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Social Media and Happiness: Analytical Essay

With advances in technology comes increased opportunity for the use of social media though the internet. In recent years, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have become increasingly popular around the world with billions of users. The internet does not discriminate, with users young enough to hold a mobile device. As long as you...

Ways to Find True Happiness: Opinion Essay

If one were to search the internet and ask “what makes people happy,” what would the answer be? My best guess is that a countless number of the population would say their families and relationships bring them a great deal of satisfaction. However, happiness can spark from anything, and the sources of happiness differ for...
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Reflection on Theory of Life Plan Proposed by John Kekes in Happiness

In this essay, I wish to show that the theory of life plan proposed by John Kekes in Happiness is problematic because the two prominent features of Kekes’ theory of life-plan, stability and singularity, are impractical. Furthermore, I would argue that the achievement of one’s life plan is not only insufficient but unnecessary for one’s...
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Materialism Versus Happiness: Opinion Essay

We all want to be happy and cope with the struggles life throws at us. But one of the main ways of finding temporary happiness are turning to materialistic objects, which can impact our true happiness. Materialism can lead to an individual to become selfish, the feeling of hopelessness, and lead to more serious struggles...
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Classic Problem of Happiness: Critical Analysis

Introduction This subject raises a rather classic problem on happiness: that of knowing what place we should / can give it in our lives. Happiness is on the one hand a legitimate and even universal end. We cannot blame anyone for living to be happy, that is, for seeking to achieve happiness, and we can...
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