Essays on Harlem Renaissance

The Significance Of Dreams In The Harlem Renaissance

In the early 1900s, a new wave of art acknowledged as Modernism, swept across the world bringing a whole new perspective in all art forms. Modernism represents the enlightenment of the transformations and pressures of the modern world and allowed freedom and a new interpretation of what art is. These authors and artists used history,...
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Harlem Renaissance: Dizzy Gillespie

John Birks Gillespie, more widely known as Dizzy Gillespie, played a huge part in the Harlem Renaissance era. One of the seminal figures in the creation of bebop music, Gillespie was a jazz icon. Some of his best known works are Oop Bop Sh’bam, Groovin’ High, Salt Peanuts, and A Night in Tunisia. Things like...
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Harlem Renaissance’s Impact On African American Culture

Part 1: My Questions Art in the United States developed greatly between World War I and World War II. I’ve studied Regionalism in rural America at the time, and I know of Grant Wood’s work at the time. I’ve viewed his works such as AMERICAN GOTHIC at the Art Institute of Chicago, and I loved...
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