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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K Rowling is a very magical novel with a wonderful plot. The novel takes place in Britain from 1991 to 1992. We follow a preteen boy named Harry though this book. He is tall and skinny and has green eyes. He also has long shaggy hair that usually covers a lighting bolt-shaped scar on his forehead, but at the start, we open with his uncles Mr. Dursley. The day after Harry Potter’s parent’s death. All the wizards were coming into the muggle world which is were the non-magical people live. To celebrate Harry Potter outliving Voldemorts murder attempt. On Mr. Dursleys’ work brack, he overheard some weird people that were wearing clocks discussing the Potter. He assumed they could not possibly mean their relatives. But later that evening to the Dursleys surprise they found Harry Potter left on their porch. Professor Dumbledore the headmaster of Hogwarts is a tall man with silver hair and a long beard. He left Harry on the porch because the boy had nowhere else to live for his parents are deceased. Twelve treacherous years later, living with heartless relatives, the best thing that would happen to Harry occurred. He received his accepted leader to a school for witchcraft and wizardry called Hogwarts. But as soon as Mr. Dursly found out he disposed of the letter, however, similar events followed for the next few days. On Sunday Mr. Dursly had enough of the nonsense he imagined if they travelled far away they could not locate him. He drove them to a small island that seemed to look like an enormous boulder way out in the middle of the sea. Sat on top of the rock was a tiny odd-looking shack. The next day was Harry’s eleventh birthday, and he could not possibly fall asleep that night. He watched as the clock turn twelve and right that second a giant burst through the door. He was twice as tall as an ordinary man and was nearly five times as wide. He introduced himself as Hagrid, and that’s when Harry found out that he’s a wizard! They left the shack the next day to go to Diagon Alley which is a wizarding shopping center hidden in London. On their way into the alley, Harry meets Professor Quarrel one of the teachers at Hogwarts. He was pale and tall and did not appear that sain. He wore a large turban that reeked like death. They had a rather dull conversation then Harry and Hagrid went on their merry way. He got rather unusual school supplies, such as a wand, a telescope and an owl. Which seemed rather normal considering the events that had happened in the past day. The next month was not pleasant for Harry Potter. Come September Mr. Dursley dropped Harry off at the train station where he meets his best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Ron is tall and slim, with frecks and has large feet and hands. Hermione is extremely caring for her friends and is very smart. She has untamable frizzy hair and has big buck teeth. But Harry and Ron were not friends with Hermione at first they despised her. They thought of her as a know it all but that would change. The train arrives at Hogwarts and they were sorted into there school houses with an enchanting hat. These houses were Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Gryffindor was proud to except Harry, Ron and Hermione to there house. A couple of months past have passed at Hogwarts and everything was going rather pleasant until Halloween. Hermine was in the bathroom crying after hearing a nasty comment of her from Ron and the rest of the school was in the Great Hall. Which is a large room with four long tables where the students eat together. Professor Quarrel rampages through the entrance to tell the school the frightening news about a twelve-foot troll in the school, everyone was evacuated. As Harry was on his way out and he realizes Hermione doesn’t know about the troll. He tells Ron, and they sneak off to go warn her. But when they get there to tell her the troll has already found her, they fight the nasty troll and knock him out. Professor McGonagall finds them in the bathroom and begins to punish the boys. However, Hermione steps up and takes the blame, she said that she when off on her own to fight the troll and Ron and Harry were trying to save her. After that day they were all best friends. The rest of the year was filled with many ups and downs. Harry finishes his final exams with the fear of Voldemort coming to kill him. He could not imagine if Voldemort found the Philosopher’s Stone that was hidden in the school. The stone can transform any cheap metal into gold and produce an elixir that causes humans to become younger, therefore, delaying death. He was also very suspicious of a teacher at Hogwarts named Snap trying to steal the stone. Harry thought Snape was manipulating poor Quarrel to find out how to get through the Chambers protecting the stone. He knew that Snape was going to try and steal the stone that knight. Harry, Ron and Hermione set off after dark to the forbidden corridor where the stone was hidden. When they entered there was a giant three-headed dog, they managed to get passed it to a trapped door that opens to a very big drop. At the bottom of the drop, there is a plant that provides a soft landing. Though, the plant will strangle you if you touch it. Harry and Ron barely got out of the plant, although Hermione gets out knowing how the plant would behave. The following chamber was filled with flying keys Harry manages to catch the key that would unlock the door. A knocked out ogre laid on the floor in the next room, indicating Snap has already been there. They walk into the following camber and a giant chess board filled the room. There was a piece missing on the boar courageously, Ron volunteers to take its place. He wins the match, however, he gets crushed to do so. A door opens and Harry and Hermione enter. Fire lights up behind them and in front of them, seven different bottles laid before them. Two were wine three were vital positions and one would let you through the fire before you and one would let you thought the fire behind you. They were not labelled but Hermione figures out which is which. The decide that Harry would go to the next chamber and Hermione would go back. Harry enters the next chamber and to his surprise Quarrel was there ropes appear out of nowhere and fastened around Harry trapping him. Quarrel began to explain he was planning to steal the stone. The Mirror of Erised stood behind Quarrel. It possessed the ability to show you your deepest desire. Quarrel peers in the mirror desperate to find out how to use it to obtain the stone. He begins to beg for help from what seems to be no one. Then a voice speaks loudly telling him to use the boy. At that moment the ropes disappeared as Harry walks to the mirror. he was wishing that he could find the stone before Quarrel so he could save everyone. Then Harry notices his reflection in the mirror wink and felt the stone drop in his pocket. He lies saying that he is shaking hands with the headmaster after winning the house cup. The mysterious voice knows Harry has the stone and begins to harass Quarrel to kill him. The voice told Quarrell he wanted to see Harry. Quarrell replied saying he’s to week, but the voice commanded again to see Harry. Quarrel began to gently unwrap his turban. Voldemort’s nasty face was pressed flat against the back of Quirrell’s head. Voldemort was whiter than snow and skeleton thin. ‘See what I’ve become,’ he said, ‘mere shadow and vapour. I have only what bodies decide to share. There are always those willing to let me into their hearts and minds. Once I have the elixir of life I will be able to create a body of my own.’ Quarrel flew through the air to Harry and then began to strangle him. Quarrel’s hands began to blister and pop. They realize Quarrel can not touch Harry without being to burn. Harry grabs hold of him as tight as possible, and he fell into darkness. He wakes up in the hospital with Professor Dumbledore hovering over him. He told Harry he got the message in time to save him from his death. Because of Harry’s bravery, he saved the school from Voldemort. Harry Potter is a very wise boy and knows a lot for his age. This novel was very magical and is a staple in many people’s lives.

J.K Rowling did a very well job-creating unique characters in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. They all were very believable and was different. Ron is one of the most believable aspects of the group, he is very loyal and kind, but like most humans, he has some flaws. He is very self-conscious about not being as good as his overachieving brother, and he uses his jokes to hide how he feels. Harry Potter, through the year, faced many problems such as the three-headed dog and the troll. A more significant issue was when someone was trying to kill him at the Quidditch game. He was flying on a broomstick, and someone was performing a spell to make him fall off. They suspected it was Snape because they saw him muttering words under his breath. Hermione took action setting his cloak on fire. However, later they found out Quarrel was the one attempting to kill him, and Snap was performing a counter curse. Harry Potter is my favourite character in this novel. His kind heart and bravery make his personality likable. I could also relate personally to Harry; we both are very creative, caring people. Altogether, the characters in this novel were fantastic!

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was a book that I could relate to. Professor Dumbledore is like my teacher Mr. Wroble, they are both fun and goofy. On a sad days they will both will make a joke to cheer you up. My favourite part of this novel would be when Hagrid gets a dragon. He wins a blake shiny egg in a game of cards. When the egg hatches, the dragon is small and cuddly, but problems would soon arise. They decided to name him Norbert in the next week he grew rapidly. Hagrid was scared someone was going to take Norbert away since dragons aren’t legal in Britten. Very quick, he became a hand full, so Hagrid decided to get rid of him. Ron suggested they send Norbert to his brother Charlie, who worked with dragons in Romania. Thus they Wrote a letter to Charlie, telling him about the dragon and he replied informing them he would send some friends to get Norbet. So when night fell, Harry and Hermione left to bring him to the tallest tower. Ron could not possibly go, given he was bitten by Norbert. So they went without him, but cared a big stinky dragon up many off stairs was not easy by themselves. They got to the peak of the tallest tower and Charlie’s friends were there. Harry and Hermione were so happy they finally got rid of Norbert. They were one there way down the stairs, but a teacher was there, sadly they received detention for being out of bed. I would not personally change anything in this novel the beginning, middle and end were astounding. Everything about this book was remarkable, I was able to escape reality and go to a whole new world. That is also why I recommend this book to everyone, old or young. By all counts, this novel was a very captivating and enjoyable book.

Joanne Rowling, better known as J.K Rowling, was born on July 31, 1964. She is most known for her famous Harry Potter book series, but some also know her from her other work such as Very Good Lives and Lethal White. She didn’t want to be a writer at first, but she got the idea to write a book about wizards in a train station in manchester. J.K Rowling is breathtaking writing, and her work could not be any better.

When reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, I used reading strategies such as prior knowledge and making connections to help me have a better understanding of what I’m reading. By connecting what I am reading to other text, myself and the world, it helps me comprehend the situation in the story. Connecting what I have read to what I know helps me understand and remember the story. Reading strategies are very effective and help you comprehend the text you are reading.


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