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Diabetes also known as high blood sugar, affects the way our bodies regulate sugars which are used to fuel our bodies cells. When we take in food for energy, it is broken down into our bloodstream as glucose. Insulin is used to regulate the amount of sugar or glucose in your bloodstream and allows the glucose to enter our cells to make energy. Cells in the pancreas called the beta cells, are used to make our insulin. The reason why you feel weak and tired from having diabetes is that the cells in your nerves don’t get the energy that they need from the food which is brought in by insulin. If there is little to no insulin in our bloodstream, this can lead you to high blood sugar, also known as hyperglycemia.

There are two types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. Only about five percent of people in America have Type 1 diabetes. To treat Type 1 diabetes, people need to maintain blood sugar levels by exercise regularly, diet, and have insulin therapy. Symptoms for Type 1 diabetes include: thirst for water, need for urination, blurred vision, feeling fatigued, vomiting, and rapid weight loss. Having Type 1 diabetes untreated may have high chances of heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, nerve damage, and even death.

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Type 2 diabetes is similar to Type 1, but affects the way you body handles glucose or blood sugar. People with Type 2 diabetes do not respond to the insulin and does not make enough of it. Signs that you may have Type 2 diabetes are being overweight, physically inactive, and have a lot of belly fat. To help reduce Type 2 diabetes, you must have a well balanced diet by watching the types and amount of food you take in. Doing these things can lower your blood sugar levels lowering the risk of death. People are more commonly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at the age of 45 and older. Roughly 30 percent of overweight people have diabetes and 85 percent of overweight people have diabetes.

Type 1 and 2 diabetes both affect the nerves, eyesight, other body parts, and organs. People who concern about their diabetes have restrictions and limits to what they can eat. If they eat the wrong foods, they can easily raise the amount of glucose in the blood leading to a heart attack or a stroke. The anxiety from diabetes can lead people into a type of depression called diabetes distress. Diabetes distress is the feeling of being worried about the varieties of problems related to diabetes. To help reduce diabetes distress, you can working on self goals, allow close relatives to take care of your diabetes, and pace yourself to stop worrying too much about the disease. 84 percent of people who reported about depression when having diabetes, was closely related to diabetes.

With many diseases, people go into a deep depression and can be life threatening. Diabetes can lead people to have no self control and forget to think of a way to stop their depression. With the choice of accepting God into your life can change your life for the better. People who have been in depression and have accepted God into their life, have been saved and are watched over by him. Simply by praying and spending a couple minutes of your life devoted to God, you can save yourself from this diseases and other problems in your life.

God designed our bodies to be treated with care and watch the foods that we take in. We are surrounded in a world with the temptation of satisfaction from food. The need for any food is temporary and the decisions that we make everyday affect our future. If we make unhealthy food choices, our future can be harmful. People regret the choices that they made in their pass and the only way that you can prevent that from happening is to have the healthy choices and exercise to keep our bodies strong. We are also here to serve others and God, so you can help people who are involved with any of the disease to stop and change their life.

We all are able to change the foods and lifestyle that we live in, but not all of us can do it on our own. Which is why we can be the ones that help those who have diseases and depression that comes with it. Just you being there for someone can motivate them to do the same by serving God and severing others. God sent many people to change the way others live their life and we can fulfill his purpose by helping others. Only you can allow others to help you and be a part of your life.

I watched an interview on someone other diabetes and got to see the perspective of someone having felt through diabetes. In the interview he described how the last ten years of his life had been and still is. For the ten years of his life he was feeling tired, circulation problems, anxiety, and a foggy mind. On top of all of that, he was taking medications two to three times a day and just made his condition worse. His doctors said to keep taking the drugs which make him feel worse. With the success in his life of owing a company, he was still depressed and the blood tests kept on getting higher. He changed to a different doctor which didn’t focus on taking medications, but focusing on a natural way of taking care of it. He ate healthy and exercising regularly. Without the medications or diabetes and focusing on self care, he was able to reverse the ten years of his life in two days. From feeling depressed and having they side effects from the disease, he was able to change that with the motivation from himself and from others. We can see that serving others and taking care of ourselves can help the way we live and the way others live.

Diabetes is a life threatening disease that we can stop and with the side effects that come from eating bad foods for the temporary satisfaction is just not worth it. Rather than eating the unhealthy food that we eat on the daily, we can start to eat healthier and exercise regularly to prevent the bad effects that can come from not only from diabetes, but from other diseases. It is better to stop eating the foods that satisfy you and find alternatives in your food choices. By exercising at least four times a day, you start to seek goals and ambitions in your life. With this, you can start to help others and fulfill the purpose that God intended us to do.

Diabetes is the most common disease that people have and the top leading causes of death are related to diabetes. Most diseases have the same symptoms and ways to help prevent it from getting worse. If we do not take care of our bodies by injuring, eating unhealthy, and forget to keep it clean, we are prone to numerous diseases that can hurt and affect the way we live.

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