Essays on Hearing Loss

Conductive Hearing Loss Stimulation

Have you ever wondered how we are able to hear the world around us? We have the ability to hear the most sensitive sounds like a pin dropping across the room; and those of much higher intensities like a balloon popping. These sounds are only perceptible to us due to our auditory system. As we...
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Hearing Loss Due To Excessive Noise Exposure

Hearing Loss Summary This report provides an insight into hearing loss due to excessive noise exposure. The report explores that hearing damage to the inner ear is possible past 85dBs, how the ear works particularly in how sound travels through the ear. It also looks at that in both the workplace and in public events...
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Functional Hearing Loss

Functional hearing loss or loss of non-physical hearing, loss of mysterious hearing, or any environment in the appraisal framework. This can be characterized as ‘loss of sentiments’ when the patient trusts that he has a consultation misfortune if there are no issues with the testing framework itself. It is vital to recognize distinctive dimensions of...
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