Helping Teenagers Quit Vaping and Smoking: Analytical Essay

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Although the number of smokers decreased over the past decade, an estimated 34.2 million American adults still regularly use them. At the same time, the use of electronic cigarettes and vape pens have had a stable trend, especially among young people. Although vaping is often considered a ‘healthier’ option than regular smoking, both products contain addictive levels of nicotine and other carcinogens that can lead to asthma, chronic lung, cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the safest bet is not to smoke or vape. However, it is a personal habit of ours that it is hard for us to give up nicotine like taking the venom of a snake out of us.

According to the article ‘Helping Teenagers Quit Vaping’ by Perri Klass, helping young people give up vaping is a challenge for researchers. They have conducted many surveys with students aged 14 to 18 at schools. Students all answered that they did not try to forget the scent and the illusion after use. A small number of children think that electronic cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are also known as e-cigarettes, electronic nicotine distribution systems, vaporizer cigarettes, and vape pens. They were invented to detoxify or limit smoking. It feels like inhaling cigarette smoke but is not as toxic as cigarettes. Most e-cigarettes have a mouthpiece, or a cartridge, a heater, a rechargeable battery, and a circuit.

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Nicotine content will vary from zero to extraordinarily high or 24 to 36 mg/ml, breathing air. Anyone who uses e-cigarettes must receive nicotine, which is absorbed through the lungs, into the internal respiratory system. In addition to being addictive, nicotine will become toxic if taken in high doses. The higher the dose of nicotine, the greater the blood pressure and heart rate of smokers. Nicotine also causes arrhythmia. In rare cases, especially when smokers abuse nicotine, cardiac arrhythmias can lead to heart failure, even death. The researchers also raised vaping cases for the children. None of us can think of the harmful side of this product because their advertising is helping us to give up regular cigarettes. The scent of liquid jars put in vaping is very attractive to them. It has many flavors like vanilla, chocolate, or others. Researchers also advise that parents should take their children to the family doctor to find appropriate vaping waiver measures for each child.

As we walk around campus, we can’t help but see images of secondhand smoke from students. The students on hand always have vapor with many different shapes. They are heavy smokers but have given up on e-cigarettes. However, some students are beginners because of its scent appeal. Electronic cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes because they think they are only smoking steam. By bringing a dense smoke to relieve stress in life and create pleasure for modern people but merely a natural essential oil that is not harmful, vape increasingly encroaches and dominates. Many students who use electronic cigarettes suddenly become a habit that they cannot quit. They have addicted to electronic cigarettes rather than ordinary cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes do not emit toxic fumes like traditional cigarettes but do not mean that they are used to replace cigarettes. Even if used regularly, it will create a difficult habit to quit. Besides, if using a vape in a usual way will make young people ‘even crave to get bored’ by smoking but not ‘high,’ then what is smoking. Whether or not the vape is smoked is determined by the soul of the vape – the vape essential oil. People who first come to vape to quit smoking or try new ways of smoking, but it is no different from smoking. If electronic cigarettes lack nicotine, what is interesting. Therefore, they added some nicotine to the essential oil to find a feeling of refreshment. A part of young people also uses electronic cigarette as a screen to cover up their smoking. When using nicotine in vape essential oil, their bodies are attacked by nicotine and cause dangerous diseases. One thing for sure is that when nicotine enters the body, how many carcinogens are poised to be ready to destroy our body cells. The FDA asserts that vape oil contains nicotine; the risk of cancer will be much higher. Nicotine smoke is not only addictive but also affects health and hinders the body’s immune function. Therefore, students should learn more about the harmful effects of vape and the long-term effects that lead to pneumonia. Many patients develop lung disease due to the impact of nicotine content in vape solutions, and while they have never smoked regular cigarettes. We can use many other methods to relieve our stress without vaping.

My own belief in e-cigarette smoking and giving up is difficult for young people. Once we humans sink into a hobby and form habits in life, it is difficult for us to abandon it. If anyone says I can give up this habit immediately, it’s a joke. Heavy smokers are the most practical evidence for us. When we advise them to quit because it is dangerous for the lungs, we only get a nod, not a sure answer to that. Electronic cigarettes are the same. People who quit it because of external influences such as family health, children, or other things. My father is a prime example of this. He has smoked more than ten years, and it is tough to quit smoking. My family helped him in many ways but failed.

When my whole family came to America, because of my father’s cigarette smoke for the past few years, my younger brother had a positive result for tuberculosis. Upon hearing the outcome, my father was unfortunate and determined to quit smoking ever since. He was distraught during the first few weeks, and until now, it was he who could not tolerate cigarette smoke. He became a role model for his friends. With vape, I couldn’t imagine a heartbreaking hearing of it. I had no idea how harmful it was until the death of my best friend was led by it. At first, he just tired and didn’t want anyone to bother him when he rested. After about an hour, his parents discovered something suspicious and asked him to wake up. He lost consciousness and lost on the way to an emergency. The cause of death is the excessive accumulation of nicotine in the body and affecting the heart when his body is weak. Perhaps it is also the reason for me to choose this article. If we can stop using vaping, stop immediately. Please do not wait until they affect our spirits and lungs. Teenagers often want to try everything without considering the consequences of their actions, so it’s easy to try tobacco. However, nicotine can be addictive and cause your child to have health problems. Let us encourage them to quit smoking if they try to smoke. If our children smoke and want to stop, choosing electronic cigarettes is not the right way. Using e-cigarettes is as harmful as smoking cigarettes. Instead, encourage our child to chew on nicotine gum or use nicotine patches, which can prevent withdrawal symptoms.

If we smoke regular cigarettes or e-cigarettes, we should have a way to quit smoking because they affect the health of ourselves and those around us. Refer to the article to overcome the seven stages of successful smoking cessation to know about the altogether quit smoking journey because it takes much effort as well as help from the detoxification program or external support groups. Most recently, 150 people in the US were hospitalized because of strange lung disease, and the common point between them was that they used e-cigarettes, and one died. CDC – The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is currently investigating and has yet to conclude but warns that electronic cigarettes may be the cause.


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