Essays on Heroin

Opioid Epidemic In The USA

The image of an opiate addict has shifted from a lone junkie on the streets with a needle in their arm to a soccer mom, businessman or athlete. Thanks to a massive push of opioid medications by pharmaceutical companies, people from all walks of life have fallen victim to opioid addiction. Pharmaceutical companies pushed their...
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The Effect Of Heroin Addiction On Criminality

Introduction Research into the dynamic contrast of heroin users helps to allow a better understanding of drug-related crimes; considering individuals who commit crimes in order to gain funds for the habit, and users who simply commit crimes because they are under the influence. According to Darke (2011), some of the major harms directly linked to...
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Author's Experience With Opioids

With the opioid epidemic in America reaching new heights, people in the areas most affected are arming themselves with Narcan. Narcan is an opiate antagonist nasal spray that turns junkies back into a sober samuels. Although Narcan has provided some relief, the epidemic continues to worsen and is now claiming unexpected casualties: People with inner...
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