Essays on High School

Dropouts In A High School

Introduction The American daily life is always changing. In the 1970s men dropping out of high school were still able to support their families and make a decent living. These days, dropping out of high school is practically economic suicide. The history of high school dropouts in America at the beginning of the twentieth century,...
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Concussions In High School Sports

 There’s nothing like that feeling of anticipation on the day of a game! Many young athletes relish the opportunity to experience the thrills and competitive edge required to succeed in athletics, particularly at the high school level. But they run the risk of suffering traumatic brain injuries called concussions during moments of contact or sudden...
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High School Reflections

Many people would tell us that our high school years “are the best years of our lives”. How when we walk across the stage in June, nothing would ever be the same, for the better or for the worst. As a graduating senior, I thought it would only be appropriate to write an essay reflecting...
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My High School Journey

Education goes beyond what you learn when sitting in a classroom, all aspects of high school are a learning experience. Education is a process of receiving instruction and knowledge to gradually prepare you for your future career and life but it can also mean an enlightening experience. It is an aspect of life that most...
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Sex Education In The High School Curriculum

In our day the internet can provide an answer to any answer or any information that a person searches for, including children, and many children are curious about what life has to offer. That is why they search the internet and learn things that could be either right or wrong, but who could let them...
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My High School Years

I remember when I was in middle school I would watch “That’s So Raven,” on Disney Channel all day, wishing I was already in High School like Raven, so that I could have the same pleasurable experiences as she did. But little did I know “That’s So Raven,” was a fantasy and that life would...
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Recess In High School

Are you in high school? Are you stressed about school work? Recess is the best way to get a break during school. Many Districts end recess in sixth grade. We need a break! Thanks to ending recess, more than 25% of 13-18-year-olds are diagnosed with anxiety at some point, according to the ¨National Institute of...
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