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Many people would tell us that our high school years “are the best years of our lives”. How when we walk across the stage in June, nothing would ever be the same, for the better or for the worst. As a graduating senior, I thought it would only be appropriate to write an essay reflecting on these four years, filled with intolerable essays, nerve-wracking exams, and excessive homework.

These past four years, I realized that I was able to learn a lot about myself such as my work habits, attitudes, weaknesses, and strengths. The first thing I learned freshman year was responsibility. Coming from a middle school where teachers only cared if I turned in my school assignments, and were not held liable for whether or not I understood the lessons or even showed up to class. I had to learn to take initiative if I didn’t understand something. I was responsible for asking for help when needed, and showing up to class every day to receive an education.

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I was also able to learn about what my parents told me, how the friends we surround ourselves with can have an influence on our beliefs, attitudes, and future actions to be true. Unfortunately, I was the one who fell into the “negative” friend group during my sophomore year. My grades dropped drastically because I had this “herd-mentality”. I saw that my then friends would not try in class, so I would not try either to fit in. When report cards came and I was able to see how many classes I was failing, my heart dropped to the floor. I realized then and

there that there would be a possibility that I would not be able to graduate on time if I hung out with my “friends”. I did the responsible thing and set up a meeting with my counsellors and they helped me get back on track. I learned to surround myself with friends who help you learn from your mistakes, are able to teach you new skills, and help you become the best possible person.

During my sophomore year, many upperclassmen would tell me that junior year was the “hardest” year. Yes, junior year was hard, but it also thought me about time-management. I was able to learn how to schedule tasks, and to prioritize my tasks and goals based on how much they were worth. When I start college I would be able to learn how to properly manage my time, and how to handle all the stress of paying with my tuition, going to classes, and managing any extra curriculums.

Lastly, I learned to accept everyone regardless of their background. I am so grateful to have been able to attend such a diverse highschool with so many different races and backgrounds. I was able to see how although my fellow peers might have different skin colours, our cultures held many similarities. With learning about all these different ethnicity’s it helped me better connect and find out who I am. I couple of years back learned that my great-great-grandpa was a Native American. With the help of some fellow peers, I was able to learn more about Native American culture and connect to my roots.

In conclusion, although highschool had many ups and downs what those people said about these years being “the best years of my life” can be understood. Highschool is that sweet spot where we do not yet have a lot of responsibilities that the college students have, or are treated like children like middle schoolers. In a way, I am going to miss high school because of the amazing friends, and work ethics I was able to make along the way. 


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