Essays on Historiography

Communist Historiography Of Stalin And Stalinism

In the immediate aftermath of Khrushchev’s secret speech, communist historiography of Stalin and Stalinism significantly advanced off the back of the creation of The Reasoner. The creation of the journal and the entries published within it allows for an appreciation and recognition of the evolution of the othering process of Stalinism by communists throughout this...
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Historiography: The Mauryan And Gupta Periods

History as an academic field and historiography in popular imaginations have both been shaped by the causes and effects of human interactions in the past and have deeply influenced current social identities in the form of entrenched narratives transmitted across space and time. This is evident in the case of South Asian history between 600...
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Historiography and Colonial Perceptions

The study of history as a scientifically developed discipline began solely within the nineteenth century. It absolutely was solely then that the historians tried to absorb the teachings of early historical writings and could develop new strategies and techniques. It was during this venture to grasp the art of historical writing of the sooner amount...
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