Essays on History of China

Cao Cao’s Impact On Chinese History: Han Dynasty

Cao Cao was an extremely significant warlord in ancient China, who single handedly determined the outcome of the 3 kingdoms war. During his reunification of China, the future leader of the Jin dynasty (265 Ad-462 Ad) was able to use his groundwork to win the war. A strong military ruler and a brilliant tactician, Cao...
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China’s Role In The World In The Antiquity And The Middle Ages

China’s role in the world experienced some transformations from ancient to modern times. Some significant changes in roles act by China mainly appeared in the economic and political aspects throughout the three long periods in history mentioned in the course, which were the Antiquity in Eurasia, the Global Middle Ages and the modern era. During...
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Ming Dynasty Versus The Spanish Empire

The period 1450-1750 AD was a very tumultuous time. Many empires fell and were built during this period and many empires used different methods to rise to power. For example, the Spanish Empire began when King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile married to unify Spain. The Spanish Empire grew when Columbus sailed...
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Similarities And Differences Between Han China And ​Mauryan/Gupta India

During the classical period, ​Han China (206 BCE-220 C) and Mauryan/Gupta India (320 BCE-550 CE) empires had developed many ​similarities and differences in methods​ of political control. Although these empires are hundreds of miles apart and they share commonalities of allowing religion to control parts of their politics but in different ways. They also share...
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The Ming Dynasty And Inner Asian Neighbours Such As The Mongols

Did the Ming dynasty deal successfully with Inner Asian neighbours such as the Mongols, thereby preserving its territory and people from being subjected to a repeat of the Yuan experience or was it an ethnocentric power that failed to engage properly with its neighbours, leading it into costly failures like the building of the Great...
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Han Dynasty: General Characteristics

Being a new dynasty that occurred after the Zhou, The Qin, led by Qin Huangdi, arose to reverse the process of political decay. Ruling a very military driven dynasty, the Qin was a very centralized dynasty. The Qin left a strong foundation for the Han dynasty retaining the same centralized government. The Han rulers retained...
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Book Review: Hiroshima

Hiroshima, a book by Pulitzer-award winning author John Hersey was published in 1946. This book described the horrors and hardships the survivors of the attack on Hiroshima went through. John Hersey himself traveled to Japan the summer after the attack had occurred and spent three weeks there doing research and interviewing the bombing survivors. When...
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Mao Zedong: Consequences Of The Great Leap Forward Of 1958-1962

Introduction: Imagine a nation of people dropping dead during the wake of a new plan which promises a better life. With high hopes to make China equal in class to Great Britain by 1980, the Great Leap Forward of 1958-1962, became the largest political and economic disaster in history. Mao Zedong’s word was so powerful...
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Threnody For The Victims Of Hiroshima

As many of us know, a title is something that gives us background information regarding a specific topic. In music, it is the same thing as well. The title Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima means that there was grief, lament, and death for the victims that experienced the Hiroshima incident. Having analyzed the title,...
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Samurai: Definition, Lifestyle And Weapons

Samurai in Kamakura Shogunate (1192-1333) A samurai in Kamakura shogunate were defenders of agricultural land for the wealthy and would protect them from outsiders that would raid their land. The samurai were a part of a warrior class in japan. A samurai gained powerful presents across their land and country for the next seven hundred...
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