Essays on History of China

Comparison Of Samurai And Knights

Although the samurai and the knights shared their differences, they both came around to be very similar in various aspects of their daily lives. Both tribes had the following in common; code of behaviour, weapons and armour all in which contributed to shaping what society is today. Weaponry and armour were similar in most aspects,...
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Samurai Takamori Saigō: Biography

The name of the most influential samurai to ever live and a huge political and historic hero was Takamori saigo the date of the day he was born was the “December 7, 1827” in the prefecture of Kagoshima. He from a samurai classed family. With the lower rank of retainer of a daimyo. From child...
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Mao Zedong: The Emerge Of Figure From The Opportunity

The concept that history provided the opportunity for the emergence of Mao Zedong to become a great figure is accurate to a limited extent. Mao Zedong acted as a revolutionist where he led the Chinese people to a communist revolution in which the fundamentals of China were significantly altered. “One can fairly regard Mao Zedong...
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Mao Zedong: Reforms In China

The purpose of this essay to introspect on the reforms that Mao established in China such as a new democracy, Cultural Revolution, Law of contradiction, Mass line and the protracted people’s war amongst others. Although most of his reforms failed, however, they also had positive effects that gave birth to the emancipation of women, increased...
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Necessity Of Dropping Atomic Bombs On Hiroshima And Nagasaki In 1945

Debate has always circulated around the use of nuclear warfare and how in war it can be seen as a justified source of use, however the devastation it can ultimately bring to our natural environment and eco system does arise the discussion of how ‘humane’ detonating atomic bombs are in the act of preventing further...
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